What was the last movie you saw?

Jack L. Warner- The Last Mogul (1993) A rather interesting documentary that takes the viewer from the earlies days of American cinema up to Warner's death. Covering the beginnings of the talkies through the Hayes Code, WWII, the Red Scare, McCarthy, etc., the studio system, independence of Actors, TV, wide screen, etc.

Of particular note, is the fact that the Nazis so disliked certain films, that they threatened the lives of those involved in them. Showing photos of their homes and properties, and indicating where their bodies would be buried, if they continued making such films. :devilish:
Sugar gets what she wants... when she wants it! Her machete isn't her only weapon. Their world... a plantation Their battleground... a tropical inferno. They're women... They're Warm... They're Wildcats. Sweet Sugar

Boy! there sure is a lot to read on exploitation posters of the seventies.

In an unnamed South American country, big-breasted bombshell Sugar is busted for narcotics and ends up on a forced-labour sugar plantation - it's a 'Women in Prison' movie and pretty lacklustre one. Directed by a sometime art director for Russ Mayer it plods along ticking off the required WIP checklist of catfights, shower scenes, rape, whippings, escape attempts and 'lesbian' seduction (guess who doesn't make it to the end of the film) but all in a very half-hearted manner with some of the worst choreographed fight scenes I have seen for a long time. A slight leavening of the stodgy pudding (gratuitous nudity aside) was the rather odd turn from the actor playing 'Doctor John', the sadistically deranged owner of the plantation, whose line in experiments included throwing drug enraged cats at semi-naked women. His performance was weirdly watchable.
John Wick 4.

My ears are still ringing from the almost non stop gunfire. Entertaining, if you like the same thing as before.
Saw it. Sad take on what used to be a funny series. Nonstop mayhem. My shoot em up grandson (6 yrs. old) enjoyed it.
His big sister (9) had to leave. Their dad took them before they received our warning.
I absolutely loved it. The Rocket backstory rose above all that in my opinion but to each his or her own.
FLAMINGO ROAD (1949) 05/14's NOIR ALLEY film. 1st time seeing it, & was very satisfied.

Lane Bellamy (Joan Crawford) is a dancer in a carnival that the Sheriff runs out of town, though she remains, much to his dislike.

Fielding Carlisle (Zachary Scott) is the Deputy, and he falls for Bellamy. As much as the Sheriff disliked her already, he really hates this, because he intends to put Carlisle on track to become governor, and he needs a 'respectable' wife for that.

Sheriff Titus Semple (Sydney Greenstreet) in a role that gave him much more time on screen than other films. As Sheriff, he runs the town. Has meetings with political bosses, but they regard him as boss.

Doc Waterson (Fred Clark, in the role of a nice guy, for once) is the local newspaper owner, or reporter, or whatever.

So, to rid himself and his deputy, the Sheriff frames Bellamy for attempted prostitution, sends her to women's prison, and expects she will leave town when released. She does not.

A funny scene was seeing Bellamy in her drab prison dress, but wearing high heeled shoes! :unsure:

Highly recommended!
CAT BALLOU (1965) Catherine Ballou (Jane Fonda) a very proper young lady returns from finishing school, only to learn that the whole town had turned against her father. It seems his land has certain resources on it, and they want them. But he refuses to sell.

Tim Strawn (Lee Marvin) is the henchman gunfighter who is dispatched to do the work that the townsfolk would not do themselves, to rid them of the people living in the ranch. There is only one, just 1 guy, who can stand against Strawn, Kid Shelleen (also Lee Marvin), but he is too drunk to be useful.

Next thing we know, is she has become a notorious outlaw. Offbeat Western, with comedy,, drama, etc. Fun film.
AGENT LOGAN MISSION YPOTRON 1966 - I was expecting a cheapo eurospy but it was better than I assumed. The hero is a cross between Nigel Davenport and Simon MacCorkindale in looks and can fight pretty well. They dispense with the hoochie coochie after the opening credits. There are only two women in the story (besides a Moneypenny agent who provides his gadget briefcase which is pretty neat--it has a Bible that is a radar device and a camera that develop and projects film all in one). Some of the character actions are hard to explain (like when a woman learns that the man who had raised her since infancy and she assuemd was her father was in fact an imposter who killed him--she took the shock very well).
There's a spfx scene which is pretty impressive--it is a rocket installation in the desert and I assumed it was painted matte but they pass in front of it and the camera moves with it. I am assuming it must have been a big cardboard prop.
Bikini Summer 2 (1992) One of Bergman’s more obscure films. Does not star Liv Ullman.
Having not seen Bikini Summer (1991) I was concerned that I would not be able to pick up the storyline. I need not have worried.
Ladies with early 1990s hair in small bikinis or fractions thereof, in an unspecified sunny carefree environment featuring large houses, French maids, body builders, swimming pools, and beaches.
So, if you have just enough pennies to buy a ticket to see one film, the question is, is it
- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny ?
Definitely Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3. They say the new Indiana Jones is total garbage.
Tora!Tora!Tora! (1970). It follows the preparations for the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, as well as how the American top brass were monitoring the Japanese movements.

Good film. 80% of it is just dialogue, and the attack happens only at the ending. But it managed to keep me hooked because of the anticipation.
Three Thousand Years of Longing 2022 With Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba. Excellent film .:cool:
ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK - 1972 - I had seen it before but forgot a lot of it. Usually, by this time in stories involving devil cults, you can guess the ending in advance. If there is a conspiracy it ends up wider than you thought, and has a "gotcha!" attitude. Well, this one does too, but then they have a second ending which completely turns around that expectation. That's different. But it ends with a freezeframe which leaves you without total closure. There's a book that is displayed in the film-Magic and the Supernatural--which I think turns up in Race With the Devil.

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