Y: The Last Man, movie or telly series?


Deja Entendu
Aug 10, 2011
Would you rather see Y: The Last Man as a film or television series? Or neither at all? ;P
Although the production values would probably be better on a film, it would have to be seriously truncated, or a series of films.

With that in mind I think it would work better as a TV series, or mini series
As much as it'd be truncated, I'd be happy to see this as one film, by trimming off the extraneous subplots. Most films intended as a 'series' tend to not be very interesting individually, and I distrust the assumption (in film-makers) that the first film will be good enough to warrant making a second.

Tv show could be fine, but then I may as well just read the comic.
Either, think both would work well.

The mini-series would have to stick to the story and not be over pro-longed as they seem to do these days.

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