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Apr 23, 2002
This new spinoff actually opens a lot of possibilty for a storyline both past, present and future.

If you read the primer I wrote a while back this might better help explain some ideas. You can find it @:

One possibilty is the far past on Earth around the time of Atlantis and the early goa'uld visits to our planet. This would tie in well with the name and how the second stargate go to antartica.

Anyhow let me know what you think, or if I'm totally wrong and you've heard different :)
Good Idea's Bladebot, not too different to my own comments in one of the other "Stargate Atlantis" posts.

It's not as strange as it seems .. I'm currently reading a book about the Atlantis Blueprint and already I can see some obvious comparisons with Stargate. Many people assume that the land of Atlantis was destroyed and sank beneath the sea’s - A popular aspect of the whole myth. There are many theories on the subject and different angles on the story. The theory in this particular book fits quite well. It explains that it was more likely that the location of Atlantis moved. Imagine the earth as one mass of land that over time drifted apart … Atlantis has just moved.

The SGC may have already used the Atlantean stargate as the expected shift of Atlantis was to the Antarctic region – where Carter and O’Neill gated to in Season 1 episode “Solitudesâ€. The reason for a second gate on earth would then become clear – the first gate at Atlantis was lost with the continent and then re-discovered by the SGC with DHD.

In addition we have the current set of spoilers on the new Season 6 episode called “Frozen†which I won’t go into here but is mentioned on various fan based sites/spoiler lists which would add more evidence to this theory.

Anyway – as I read anything more I’ll keep you all posted

Thanks for sharing you thoughts.
i saw this programme on tv a while back that said that the atlantians could fill in the missing answer as to why the eyptians and the south american peoples started building realatively similar stuctures and usein the same suddenly more advanced techniques for doing things. it was almost as if the had been suddenly taught new thing by an advanced race liveing some where between africa and south america as before the goa'uld they would have not even known each other existed.
This is quite a common source of material for the "legends" brigade of authors, such as Graham Hancock et al.

Basically, most of the earth's populations have a legend of massive flood followed by survival of a few who became the progenitors of "modern" society (i.e. recent 10k years). Many of these societies also have reports of tall, good looking, knowledgeable, non-local people coming to lead the survivors with great skill, and superior knowledge. In many cases they were treated at gods. Their knowledge was also generally lost in the following decades or centuries - e.g. how they built the pyramids!

The theory is that a super advanced people, well separated from the other, very primitive races of earth, predicted and semi-survived this great flood, but were separated to the four corners of the planet. The common themes are the colony of Atlantis, which may have been on an island in the Atlantic just outside the straits of Gibraltar (or dozens of other places!) or perhaps the landmass of Antarctica, before the ice enveloped it. Oh, of course, the alternative is that this race is aliens!

PS. I am not knocking the alternative theories - I quite like them. It is also worth noting that the Earth would still be considered flat if outside-edge scientists and theorists didn't challenge accepted practice and belief!
I thought that Stargate Atlantis was going to be like an "off-world" version of SG-1. If the series is like what Bladebot suggests, I don't think that leaves them much to go on. It would definitely be missing some of the elements that made SG-1 a hit.

What I heard was that Jonas Quinn's race is where the key to "Atlantis" lies. That is why they decided to replace Daniel Jackson with an "alien". That way we could see a different culture, and provide the link for a new Stargate format.

Further to what you were posting about the city Atlantis. They believe that there is a link between the destruction of the Minoean culture, and the legend of Atlantis. A volcano errupted, which caused massive tsunamis, burying whole civilisations under water. Atlantis is believed to be at the bottom of what used to be the crater of a volcano. Can't remember what the name of the island is, but it's not far from Crete, I think. The people of Atlantis were thought to be an advanced race, and affiliated with the Minoeans. There's a great documentary all about the loss of the Minoean civilisation (two parts) and one on Atlantis. It's called "Ancient Apocolypse". It was recently shown here in Oz on SBS, and may be on the History Channel at some stage.....

CUL8R Reester :rolly2:
Originally posted by reester
A volcano errupted, which caused massive tsunamis, burying whole civilisations under water. Atlantis is believed to be at the bottom of what used to be the crater of a volcano. Can't remember what the name of the island is, but it's not far from Crete, I think. The people of Atlantis were thought to be an advanced race,
I can't wait to catch it somewhere. But to the idea that they were advanced I'd have to get my sarcastic Jack O'neill voice out and: "If they were so advanced, why did they build below sea level in a volcanic crater?!" LOL!
Of course, that is only one of literally DOZENS of suggestions / explanations for the locations and specific fate of Atlantis. I have seen a summary of all the possible locations, and it is about as long as the list for the Garden of Eden (both of which, I seem to recall, included the moon!)
I watched a program ages ago where these Archaeologists reckon they found the city that inspired the Atlantis legend...

I can't remember very much but once they found remains within a valley they carried on down below the Roman level and found buildings which indicted they had been pushed over by a large wave and they had fossils of water creatures still in them...

If I find any more info I'll post it. :rolleyes:

But there are so many legends on Atlantis that it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction, if there is even any fact to it...

Heh this is turning into a ancient history debate :p

Atlantis was said to lie beyond gibraltar so I don't beleive its in the mediterranean. Historians argued for ages saying that people like the Egyptians couldn't make it to the america's etc - and then some PhD did it using an authentic reed boat. The most probable location for Atlantis I reckon has to be Antartica, its the only continent we're unable to completely dig up and study.
Amazing to see all the different theories that have been postulated....but have to agree with Bladebot.....we're getting way off the original topic of "Stargate Atlantis".

What I wrote previously about "SA", I now can't remember where I read it...typical.

I suppose I don't really care what "SA" is about, as long as it's Stargate (it worked for Star Trek, didn't it?).

Reester :kisses: :kisses:
I hope they use the Ancients a lot more in SA. Maybe the inhabitants of Atlantis were the Ancients or something like that.

Okay, I'm an archaeology-student and I like reading controversial books about Egypt and Atlantis and other stuff. I really hope that one day people will aknowledge that the pyramids and the Sphinx are much older than they seem. And I'm sure that some kind of Atlantis has existed. Not really like Plato describes it but it existed.

So that's my opinion on the toppic, hope you guys think about it a lot!

Falcon Horus ;)
Hey Falcon Horus :)

Cool, you're an Archaeology student, I hope to be one myself at either A level (which I doubt) or defiantly at uni. :)

There is evidence that the Sphinx could date back as far as 10,500 BC. It has weathering which results from exposure to rain and other such conditions not found now at the Giza Plateau. The last time such conditions were present at Giza was circa 10,500 BC. It was that time also that Orion constallion was in direct alignment with the Orion constallion set-up of the Pyramids at Giza, all indicating a date thousands of years before the common believed construction date of the pyramids and the Sphinx and even of the Egyptian civilisation itself.

There is also evidence that other ancient and wondrous buildings date back that far, being that the alignment of the constellations they reflect would have last matched up in the night sky at that date (all around 10,500 BC) I love history! :D

You bet! I think about this and the paranormal all the time, the really interesting stuff in life! I hope to one day add something in to finding out 'the truth' (a bit cliche I know ;) )
Yeh Graham Hancock makes a lot of books on such things and they're great reading material.

It's nice how so many people are closed minded in the face of so many unanswered questions, included highly educated individuals from prestigous organizations and universities.

Anyhow, anyone found anything on what exactly Atlantis is about yet?
Well, if you think about the problem, you can sort of see why this happens.

You spend thirty years building a career studing X, with piece after piece of evidence slowly revealing more and more about X.

Then, towards the end, some relatively uneducated, unknown "outsider" comes along and says forget it all - this is actually what happened, using quite a lot of circumstantial evidence, supposition, and assumption.

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