6.05: Nightwalkers

i would imagine you only get trained to jump out of a plane if you're gonna be in a plane. NOt everyone in the Air Force are pilots or members of flight crews.

Training would focusmore on the job skills needed in your everyday activities.

and.....watching a film or doing some sort of ground training is NOTHING like stepping out of a plane at 7000 feet and letting it fly on without you. This is personal experience talking....the stuff they told me on the ground...doesn't totallyprepare you for that
I jumped out of a perfectly good plane a month ago at 12,500 ft...of course that was just Tandem skydiving...for the hell of it...

Perhap they should have made Danny & Teal'c tandum with Jack & Sam?
Not being military, I have no idea what is consider as "basic" skills for all those serving. Training is supposed to cover most of the foreseeable situations. While it makes sense that only those who will be in planes are trained to jump, flying is a common mode of transport. SG1 does occassionally end up on planes and DID end up jumping out of one.

Assuming (dangerous for any area of fiction) that the writers want us to accept some level of training as a given, what would that training cover and how would it be conducted?

Of course, no ground course can adequately prepare one for an actual jump. After receiving instructions of how to jump, when to release the parachute, and how to land, most skydiving schools can only complete the training by having students actually jump at altitude, usually more than once. I think that the USAF must do much the same thing for recruits in boot camp. If training is an unspoken given within the context of the show, then wouldn't T, DJ & JQ have received the same basic skills that J & S mastered years ago?

As for the drivers' license, does the military have a separate program from the state DMV? That's the only way I can imagine T getting a license. I doubt that the USAF or the SGC would put an unlicensed driver -- however skilled -- behind the wheel on public roads. Even if stopped for a routine traffic violation or at a checkpoint, an unlicensed T would be much harder to explain than a licensed T. :D
so wouldn't it make more sence for then to have done Tandom? I only had a half hour instruction on the ground & then up I went strapped to the instructor. They could have had Teal'c tied to Jack & Danny tied to Sam...