1.09: The Balance of Terror.

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Gene Roddenberry had to pay a settlement to the owners of the rights to 'The Enemy Below.' He admitted he basically copied the story, wasn't too embarrassed about it, and said he knew people would figure it out.

I didn't know that but thanks for that snippet of info. There's nothing like a good fascinating fact to round off the day :D
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Hey, I just watched this one thanks to Itunes and it wasn't that bad. I've been an infamous TOS and Kirk basher and I had to re-examine why I felt that way. In this episode, Kirk wasn't so bad. He had that great line "their war, not yours. Remember that." I realized that what really started me malevolent feelings toward the original crew and especially kirk was the movie that Shatner Directed. number 5 the final fronteer. When I thought back, the show was fine for it's time and I really did like it as a kid. I think the quality all depents on whose hands the stories are entrusted to. That's too bad about enterprise not staying consistent w/ this episode. W/ enterprise I'm getting caught up but now I'm starting to read the synopsis and skiping ones that seem formulaic star trek.
This one kinds of remedied me of the film The Enemy Below with Robert Mitchum and Curt Jurgen

It's a fantastic episodes. Favoite part when they first see the Romulans.(y)
The big problem with the whole episodes is the whole notion that No Human , Roman or ally has ever seen each other. there because in all likelihood brides would have been collect in the cause of the war and the would identified the Romulans as being Vulcan offshoots far sooner . Also why would Vulcan keep this knowledge from Earth?
I do remember seeing this as a child but watching it last night was like seeing it for the first time and I was taken aback by how great this episode is. It had a real submariner feel to it and the tension was excellent. This is Kirk at his very best.

I also quite enjoyed the sub-story of the bigoted bridge officer. (I can’t spell Leftenant. )

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