1.14: I've Got You Under My Skin


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Jan 18, 2001
I've Got You Under My Skin - Episode 14

Creating new thread. Only episode discussion please. :D

"A troubled family enlists Angel and Wesley to help them exorcise their resident demon"

annette :)
this one started out as a nice "Exorcist" rip-off, but had a nice twist in the tail with the boy being more evil than the demon...
This was spooky when the realisation hits you that the little boy is the one 'holding' the demon. You felt sorry for the demon in the end. Shame the family felt so terrified of their own son.

annette :D
quite --

good storyline -

and I like the scene with Angel and the kids at dinner - and Angel says he hid his brussel sprouts (or something) --- very cute
A pretty dark episode but I really liked it. The twists were good (first the dad, then the demon and then finally the boy).
Another one of my favorite episodes :). Wesley proves his worth once again, and Cordelia proves why she should stay behind the scenes ;) (definitely the wrong box, Cordy). And the ending was almost literally killer, plus a nice twist. Great effects, too.

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