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I just Ordered the Quantum leap Piliot Ep on dvd woo hoo!

can't wait to get it
That'll be good hopefully. Very strange tho. Bet Sam and Al will look quite young.

annette :D
Problem is i dunno why they bothered to only release the "pilot" ep on dvd and not the whole series :(
Perhaps they will in time. Probably using it as an experiment to see if they sell or not.

annette :D
where are the leapers? come on guys, just cos ive been away doesnt mean this forum has to go to rot. Lets see some new posts. Please!!!
We're still here Space Monkey. We've missed you. :(

By the way I love your avatar tis sooooooooooo sweet.

annette :D
I'm sorry, but I didn't know we had a QL forum until just now!!!

You may be interested in this thread:

(Leap stars to meet on Enterprise.)

Apparently, an upcoming episode of 'Enterprise' which stars Scott Bakula, will also feature Dean Stockwell.

Have you discussed the final epiosde of QL here yet?

I just didn't get it, watched it 3 times, but don't understand it at all! Terrible way to end the series, he should have least have leaped home -- but he'd done that already, mmmmmmm!
We've not discussed the final episode but I know what you mean Dave. Tis confusing. Wish they'd done another series.

Would be cool to see Dean Stockwell on 'Enterprise' appearing alongside Scott Bakula.

annette :D
Had to go with Scott..just for the fact that he has a great chest ;)

Carkedit :dead:
Carkedit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A newbie to QL forum!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! And Scott is best! Did you get here from my sig? Please say yes! Bye hope to see ya here very soon!
I voted for Scott because he puts such life and soul into Sam, but really you can't have Sam without Al, they are a cool team!
I vote for Scott, but I have to say that I love Dean too! His great also. Looking forward to see him in next Stargate episode. :D

Krystal :p
Originally posted by space monkey
he's in stargate? really?

He will be a guest star this next Friday 26, looking forward to see him. :p

Krystal :rain:
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