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imported_space monkey

I'm back! Be afraid...
Apr 19, 2001
How did i miss this? This was my idea oh well at last we have a Quantum Leap forum but it doesn't appear on the front page of Ascifi. Anyway I'm gonna go think of loads of threads for this forum. First poll: Who is better Scott Bakula (Dr Sam Beckett) or Dean Stockwell (Al)?
SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Guess who voted for Scott Bakula. Think he's sooooooo cool. Love his character alot. :D

annette :)
Yay!!!!! I love Quantum Leap!!!!!!!!! But they only show it on Sky in the UK!:mad: :mad: I haven't seen it for ages. It is one of my favourite ever shows and although Scott Bakula is great I think Dean Stockwell got my vote because he has the best lines. He is very funny! :laugh2: :blah: :lol:
It's gotta be Al. He's the comic relief/father figure of the show.
I had to vote Scott because I can't imagine any one else pulling off that role.
Al! Al! Al!
Actually, I don't think either one would've been that great if it weren't for the compliments of the other. It was practically a marriage. In areas where Sam was dull Al brought colour (literally!) and in spots Al lacked interest Sam showed exception. It was great pairing. (but I still like Al better! hee hee:p )
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