Trivia -- Profiler

lol or you could check out Graces update profile....I think you MAY find the answer in there somewhere :p

:blpaw: :blpaw:
well - since i read that thread b4 this one --

the answer is Morgan --

( i should have remembered that!)

okay --

my turn:

In which episode does someone refer to the VCTF as "Bailey Malone's Little Kingdom"??
oh it wouldn't happen to be one of your favourite eppisodes would it?

it's not FTX by any chance?

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<snaps fingers>

Darn - thought i'd picked a hard one! ;)

yep -- that's it --

geee -- how'd ya guess???? hehehehehe --

your turn!!
ok here's another easy one for ya

jack killed sam's husband......but what number victim was he?

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no tom wasn't victim number eight

that was the number of the victim when Bailey brought sam onto the case

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tom was killed after sam got involved in the case.....

to some it is an unlucky number.......and i guess sam will hate it now as well

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well - my only guess would be that Tom was victim #13 -

personally - i like the #13 - i don't get all tangled up in superstition and urban legends and such -- however, they can be intriguing --
ok here's an easy one for ya

in the episode where the VCTF has to go to ground (i.e. stay at the hq) who does Sam pretend to be dating to draw Jack out?
<sarcastically> ummm - oh, gee, man that's soooooo hard.....

hehe --

John Grant --

(good ep too! Bailey - Chloe scene in that one -- the 'kiss goodnite' thing -- Bailey blows Chloe a kiss -- he's so great w/ kids!)
well i had to give ya an easy one :D

ok next one.........

when jack infultrates the vctf he leaves something on sam's windscreen ........ what is it and how does she get it off?

the last one was to easy :p

:blpaw: :blpaw:
so you move from the ultimate in simplicity, aside from asking 'what's Bailey's last name?', and move to damn near impossible??

i don't have the first clue what he left - ya know? i don't even remember seein that episode -----

so - this might take a while!

don't give the answer yet - i'll see if i can find it somewhere!
ok i won't give you the answer
but i will give you a hint :smiliea:

she is wearing i think it's a light lime green pant suit.....and she's a tad upset when she see's what's you would be :p

okay -- i don't have any idea what the answer to this question is -

however, i do have a question of my own --

Who is the only regular cast member to guest star on The Pretender as someone other than his/her Profiler character?
ok the answer to mine was: jack painted a message on Sam's windscreen with red paint (i think it was red paint, know it wasn't human blood) and sam uses her jacket to smear it off so that bailey would have a sample for evidence, then she sped off.

and your question is so unfair :( was it John?

maybe morrigan can answer that one :p

ya know what - even reading your answer - i still don't remember that -- but hey - i don't remember much anymore ---

my question is unfair?

nah -- you can look it up ---

and if you've seen the Profiler eps that x-over w/ the Pretender - i think that this one character wasn't present in the Profiler part - not much anyway ----

here's a hint -- it's a female character

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