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Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Should we begin a trivia game for Profiler too?

attempt to stump each other on the workings of the VCTF and Jack?

anyone want to ask a question???
a stumping this time of night.....who are we trying to kid! :D

Ok here's an easy one.......what was john grants real last name?
ya wanna know something? that IS an easy question -- but for the life of my, i can't remember what it is! <gaspshockhorror>

i know he says it in "FTX" - i just can't remember what he said --

i'll be back!!!!!!!
you got the right eppy
now just the name and we'll be all set! :p
i thought you'd have this in five seconds

:blpaw: :blpaw:
i've only watched the ep twice -- it's been a while --

i'll have to go watch it - or dig it up off the net somewhere -

ack! can't believe i don't remember this!!!
thanx - that narrows it down ---

i'd have the answer - but i keep forgetting about it when i go home --- have to remember to dig out the tape and watch --

my guess now would be O'Reilly -- but i don't think that's right -
well - no - b/c you gave the answer in the BMLK thread -

O'Doyle -- which i NEVER would have gotten w/o watching the ep again - and i STILL haven't remember to watch it ---- <smacks self in head> i'll watch sometime this week - was doing a JAG thing yesterday!!! (GO HARM!!)
lmao :rolly2:

well done that is correct :p like you didn't know :D

ok so qhat's the next question?

:blpaw: :blpaw:
ok i have another one

who was suspended over a bathtub that was filling with water and also had live electrical wires going into the bath (I think that's right). Jack is the villian....and that should give that answer away to you :p

:blpaw: :blpaw:
wasn't that Grace's husband? i don't remember his name, but i think that's who it was ---

i don't think it is......but that's the block i hit.......soooooo i gotta do some research and find out for sure :D

:blpaw: :blpaw:
then why did ya ask???

like i'm supposed to know???? huh???

i don't remember anyone who's not Bailey! ;)
(ok - - so that's not true - but you get the idea)

would you beleive that at the time of posting the question i did know it! i was actually have a discussion about profiler with a friend here, and his name came was the day before the mental black out happened :(

:blpaw: :blpaw:
okay- isn't helping --- i can't find him --

so - i'll either have to go watch FTX again, or wait for you ---- ;)
ok i remember it now......

it's not malcom
but it does start with a M

if you give up let me know and i'll tell you

:blpaw: :blpaw:
ok - not Malcolm/Malcom --
it's not Marcus, is it?? there's already a Marcus - it's the guy w/ the bandana -- but i guess that could be it --

i can't remember hearing any other names ----

argh --- back to watching the show -----

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