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Jun 6, 2001
Okay - this was not my favorite story-line of the series (actually, it's kinda why i didn't watch the show during it's initial run), but I understand that Jack is an integral part of the show -- so, he's up for a thread.

What do you like/hate about Jack?

Is there anything about him you would change?

What was his motivation for chasing Sam?

How did he keep the VCTF at bay for so long?

(that should get us started)
i think i may be the ONLY jack fan out there. well, i know my sister liked him too. i love his ability to always be 2 steps ahead, and just when the VCTF think they're close....they realize they're 10 steps behind. everything is always planned and calculated down to the letter. i think he's sooo good!
i didn't say that Jack wasn't good at what he did - i just don't like the storyline -- it seems to overpower the rest of the story - i mean, i understand that he's important - but he didn't have to be so prominent --
Jack was important but I agree with you H2, he could have been down played a lot more than he was....
As it was I was glad when Sam finally killed him.......it meant that the stories could evolve and become more diverisified

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and ya know what? the only reason Jack died then was b/c Ally was leaving the show -- the ******* would probably still be alive if Ally had decided to stay ----

oh -then what did they do? they brought in some whacko to annoy the heck out of Rachel -- what was w/ that???? if i remember right, he was a lot like Jack, but maybe not as secretive? (don't recall much about him) -- it was weird --
I haven't seen much after Ally left......we lost the series soon after that :(

It's not fair

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well - i only saw 2 eps of Profiler w/ Rachel - the two w/ MTW in them -- and only recently did i start watching the whole series -- i still haven't seen much from season 4 b/c i moved in the middle of Court TV's run of season 3 --- and now i don't have court TV - just CBS and it's one ep per week -- argh!
ah but at least you do get to see the good programs

Here I only get to see some of them and then only part of the series.......very rarely do we get the full thing and then usually if we do it's because it really sux's that we get the full thing <grumbles>

No wonder I spend so much on videos and dvd's :D

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oh, believe me - i spend my fair share on videos too -- (soon DVDs - since i'm getting a DVD player! woohoo! stargate DVDs look out - here i come!)

my video collection is growing exponentially -- why? b/c everytime i pick up a new show, i get in this mode and have to tape all the eps -- of course, there are some i haven't watched in forever -

started working on MacGyver a while back - haven't finished the whole series - 141 eps --

L&O -- don't know if i'll ever get around to watching all of 'em again -- there are SOOOOOO many -- over 250 ----

and i'm working on Profiler -- hard b/c i only get one ep per week - argh ---

okay --- back to Jack --

what do you like about the character??

he's persistent --- that's about the best i can do -

i mostly ignore the Jack parts of the eps, b/c they bug me --
mmmmmmm i feel a video fest coming on this weekend :D

What do I like best about Jack? The fact that Sam finally got the better of him and shot him like the toad that he was..... that's what I like about Jack :evil:

Ok so I didn't exactly like him, what can I say

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oh -- you are *SO* not the only one --

i think the 1st ep i saw (after the 3 eps w/ MTW) - was the one where Jack breaks into Bailey's house (Bailey's singing Opera in the shower! and OH, does that man have a VOICE!) and swipes his credentials --- and ya know what? i missed it when it was on recently --- b/c i forgot when the show was on - stupid me ---
bad H2!

How could you miss out on Bailey singing! Good thing I have that one on tape :evil:

Time to do some more digging through those tapes I think

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belive me - i didn't miss it on PURPOSE!! but now i have to wait forever to see it again -- oh well -- guess i'll just have to watch "The Goonies" -- Robert sings in that too!! it's awesome; it's in Italian; it's Him!!! (can ya tell i'm extremely biased?)
hehe -- locate a copy of The Goonies -- it was released on DVD if you have a player -- and i'm sure you can find a VHS copy -- check out amazon and places like that --

okay - back to Jack --

i don't understand how it took them 3 years to find and kill him - aren't they supposed to be the best? they couldn't find the guy until he shot Bailey? and they brought in this new chic??

just more evidence that the Jack Storyline seemed to be the driving force of the show -- personally? i prefer the eps where there is NO jack -- they're more interesting ---
oh yeah much better.....the story doens't get lost in the confusion that became jack


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not only that, but there's more character development of the actual cast --

season 2's cast was FAR too large - it was Sam, Bailey, George, Grace, John, Angel, Chloe, Jack, Jill, Frances, that other guy (name slips - the black guy from Chicago who took over for Brubaker - sort of) -- that's 11 freaking people! just for the opening credits - what were they thinking?? L&O only has 6 -- even Star Trek didn't have so many --- (Picard, Riker, Data, Troi, Crusher, Geordi, Worf, Wesley, and later O'Brien) - that's 9 -- but it was meant to be an ensemble cast --

Profiler should have only been: Bailey, Sam, John, George, Grace in the opening credits, then include Angel and Chloe in the credits after the ep title -- they weren't in all the eps anyway ---

11 ppl is just a bit much for opening credits for a show of this type - not only that - but it looks bad to go from one set of credits in the 1st season, to adding 15 more ppl for the 2nd, then taking most of those out for the 3rd -- makes the show look unstable --
Yeah they had way to many permanent cast, but I was sorry to see Angel go, didn't mind seeing Coop go, he annoyed me :(

But you can see how they couldn't really cut it down much more....ok get rid of jack and jill, which they did, but other than that, they were all useful.... :)

Oh the joys of being a producer, script writer :D

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well, yes, they were important, but not all of them were in EVERY episode -- so, what they should have done, instead, was do the basic cast: Robert Davi, Ally Walker, Julian McMahon, Peter Frechette (sp?), Jack, Caitlin Wachs, and the black guy w/ the bandana, and Grace --- that's 8 , maybe include Angel - 9 --> and then when they actually USED Frances or Jill THEN put them in the credits -- but, still, that's a lot of ppl -- they oversized the cast - it was really weird --

honestly, these are the ones who should be in the opening sequence: Bailey, Sam, Grace, George, John, bandana, Jack --> that's it; if Chloe is in an ep, great, put her in the 'after the subtitle' credits - same w/ Angel and Jill and Frances --

Pretender did it w/ Broots until the last season - he was in like every episode but his name wasn't in the opening sequence until season 4 -

season 2 was just really crowded -- made you feel like you were standing in an 8x8 cell w/ about 40 other people --- almost claustrophobic ---
true, have the core with a couple of extras in the background like angel and chloe :D

Now that could work really well

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