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Jun 6, 2001
Well, in the episode "FTX" that's how the VCTF is referred to by the agent conducting the excersize, and I've noticed it kinda sticks.

So, discussion of the VCTF and how it works can go here.

What prompts certain cases to be handed over to the VCTF?

Things of that nature.

personally i think the way they get their cases is when some one gets a murder case with a killer that's too f-ed up for them to handle so they hand it off to the VCTF.
I know VCTF = Violent Crimes Task Force -- so they get all the really weird stuff anyway - serial rapists, mass murderers, etc. -- so, yeah, i would assume that 'special' cases are handed off to the VCTF by the Bureau ----
yeah kinda like "ewww, this case it too icky....i think i'll give it to the VCTF!
yeah -- there's the way to go --

i knew that was how the FBI did it!! ewwwwwww - give this to....

they just don't want us to know how they really do stuff there! ;)

no - but i see where you're going -- this case is requires the special skills of the VCTF, so, we'll truck it on down there for them to deal with ---

generally they have the cases assigned to them -- but, when they think Jack is involved, they mosey themselves right into the middle of a current investigation -- and i can see where the local authorities might be a bit upset w/ the Feds jumping into their jurisdiction, but - why wouldn't they wanna hand over the caseload?? don't they have plenty of other cases?? Not only that, but w/ the Feds helping out there would be a higher probability of solving the case (esp when it's the VCTF! <snerk>) ----
I thought that the VCTF was handed cases that had stumped other sections, or that becuase the case required specialised handling......but they do also have people there keeping an eye on other cases around the place.....people like George, if they see something that they think that the VCTF would have more success solving then they show Bailey

But I could be's been known to happen <g>

:blpaw: :blpaw:
dunno - i think that's one of those things they never really get into -- 'why' the VCTF gets certain cases and not others ---

and isn't the FBI only called in on certain cases anyway? aren't there generally specific circumstances when they call the Feds? otherwise it's just a 'local' matter?

one of those burning questions that never gets an answer
yeah - probably ---

just kinda odd that they decide to pick certain cases over others -- guess i just need to learn more about how the FBI does it's work -

hey - is the FBI listening?? i wanna learn stuff - easiest way to do that?? work there --- are they listening - i wanna work for the FBI!
or another easy way to find out about the fbi is to do something wrong :evil:

But working there would be cool :D

:blpaw: :blpaw:
Originally posted by Goddess Willow
or another easy way to find out about the fbi is to do something wrong :evil:

uhhh -- no - not an option -- or - i don't like that option -- i think i'd rather send 'em my resume ---- being on the wrong side of the FBI just doesn't appeal to me ---

But working there would be cool :D

:blpaw: :blpaw:

yes - it would --- i really wanna -- but --- i think i need to go back to school and finish what i started and then, maybe --

or - i could go back and study something else ---- forensic photography maybe??? ooh -- that could be cool!!
very smart

I don't think I'd like to be on the wrong side of the FBI, could be very interesting working for them.....especially on something like the VCTF or maybe even the computer crimes

:blpaw: :blpaw:
yep -

i've been looking into it for a while now -- just not sure where i wanna go -- and they haven't had any positions open for anything i have done any studying in --

and becoming a special agent requires a lot more physical prowess than i currently have ---- so, that's out for a while ---
hey it could be a goal! Incentive to work out........but then's not gonna get me motivated :p

To busy drooling to work out :blush:

:blpaw: :blpaw:
yeah - i'm kinda busy on that front too --

it's not much motivation for me --- lack of funding kinda limits the ability to work out beyond running everywhere - and i hate to run -- guess i'll have to find another way into the FBI ----
Do they have tech advisors? You know like the job that George does....he's a part of the FBI but not.....maybe that's the way to go :D

:blpaw: :blpaw:
yeah - they do - they're like 'contractors' -- but i'm not in the 'tech advisory' field --

i only know poli sci stuff -- well, mostly know poli sci stuff -- but i could do just about anything --- either way - it's gonna be tough getting in -- guess i could just randomly send my resume - but they probably wouldn't read it ----
i think they do have people who do that kind of job, but i'm not sure they have like one person who does all that. i think some of it maybe like split up among other people. they also have people who aren't permanantly part of the team that they get to help them out.
okay ---

so -- back to Bailey Malone's Little Kingdom -

would you want to work for the VCTF??

of course, you already know that i would - i wanna work for the FBI anyway -----

how about the rest of you????
Oh god yeah! :D

The VCTF is like the best of the best from all the different fields..... can you imagine going to work everyday to that kind of environment? :cool:

Ok so maybe sometimes you'd get a crack pot like Jack targeting the team but it'd still be great :alienooh:

:blpaw: :blpaw:

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