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Jul 4, 2007
Seascale, England
Having recently re-read "Caves Of Steel" & "Naked Sun", and currently half way through "Robots of Dawn" I have to stay that I find Plainclothesman C-7 Mr Bailey a rather dislikeable figure!

More so the first two books where he come across as being arrogant, aloof, short-tempered, hypocritical and a little petulent! At least that's my impression of the man. Although I will admit he seems a bit more approachable in Robots of Dawn.

Obviously he plays the good-guy detective and has to do his job but there were times during both books where I cared little whether he solved the crimes at all with all his pent-up anger & shouting towards not only R.Sammy & Daneel (understandably perhaps), but also nearly everyone else he came into contact with at some point.

I wonder what others feel about him? Am I alone in my criticism of him or do others think the same?

j d worthington

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May 9, 2006
Lije is a crusty, curmudgeonly figure, all right. But he does have his points, I think; and he also is a fine figure for a culture which has become a rat-trap culture, with far too many people crowded together in too tight a space -- less able to empathize because they are so much in contact that being open with each other rasps. It's a protective mechanism for an unlivable culture. As you'll see, there are softer elements to Lije that come out when some of that pressure is off for a while. He's also a more complex character, I found on rereading the books after a few years, than I'd picked up on the first time 'round....

But yes, he can try one's patience at times....;)


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Jun 29, 2014
And Id love to see a police procedural series with R Daniel and Elijah Bailey .:cool:

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