they said that she had always been in love with him and that it was the therepy that pointed it out....and I agree...Methos isn't that hard up...
are they sure it wasn't 'false memory syndrome' - memories planted in her mind by the shrink to make her THINK she was in love w/ Methos??

and still - he wouldn't believe her anyway -- after all that stuff w/ the Horsemen? no way --- he wouldn't trust her -- that would be like MacGyver and Murdoc becoming best friends -- yeah, Murdoc just one day says 'Ya know, MacGyver, this chasing you around, trying to kill you thing, it's just not working out as I'd planned, so ya know what? i'm just gonna quit. See, i saw this shrink and she convinced me that i really don't hate you, really? i love ya man! I think we were really friends before and I was wrong to try to kill you. Whaddya say, MacGyver?' --- and Mac immediately finds a way to get the hell out of there --- why? b/c there's no way Mac would believe something like that - not from Murdoc -- argh! same situation w/ Methos and Cassandra - he wouldn't believe her - why? experience!
of course he wouldn't believe her...Methos doesn't trust hardly anyone...and her least of all....she's nothing but an annoying character that doesn't have enough depth..created for the sole purpose of having a good way for Duncan to find out about Methos's past anyway.
well? was she brought in for that, or did they just decide to use her for that instead of creating a new character? she was intro'd for that whole prophecy thing ----
my guess is that they decided to just use her instead of creating a new character...that way it would be someone Duncan and we already knew that told him his friend used to be the scoourge of the earth rather than having just some person that he used to know way back then show up out of the blue with it...more believable that way
yes - but they didn't do a very good job of explaining stuff that should have been explained (do they ever?) --

Cassandra is a weak character, tho she could have been made stronger w/ the proper writers --- or a few more appearances on the show -- more back story would have helped - not to mention a better actress ----
Yeah...I think they definatly could have had a really good character on thier hands if they had planned her out a little more..
okay - let's say that we're stuck w/ Tracy Scoggins as Cassandra -

what could the writers have done w/ the character to make her better? -- specifics please --
specifics! way to early in the morning here for specifics...I'll think about it and come back after I've had my morning wake up call
yeah yeah --

have a coffee and a doughnut, then come back and work on this --
I realize that there was the whole "Prophesy" episode where she used Duncan to take care of her mistakes, but on the whole all I ever saw in her was her intense need for revenge on the Horsemen. 3000 years to carry a grugde is pretty unbelievable. I mean I can see her being pissed and wanting to get back at them...but she couldn't see how things had changed and I thought that was a mistake...even in the end she still only spared Methos because Duncan wanted her to, not because she could see that he wasn't the person that he had been. They could have shown that she had some kind of a life outside of her need for revenge if nothing else.
that would have been helpful --

if the only thing she'd done over the last 3000 years is hunt the horsemen -- she's lead one really boring life ---

hey, lady - get out, see the world, you're immortal for cryin' out loud -- are ya just gonna run around chasing 4 guys who've gotten on w/ their lives?? how boring!
well yeah she did ............... but she's still a sicko
okay okay --

we're supposed to be making suggestions that the PTB could have used to make Cassandra a more workable character on the show ----

so -- more background --

what was she doing those 3000 years? was she just hunting the horsemen, or did she get herself a job of some kind????
*rofl* sorry...just had this mental image of Cassandra as a shrink...don't have any idea why

that is amusing --

but -- what would she have done for 3000 years? they didn't have shrinks (well, not in the way we think of them now) in the 11th century ---

come on -- this woman had to do something ---
wasn't she a witch? ya know the whole "Witch of Donavin Woods" thing?
Yes, she was the witch of the Donan woods.

That's how duncan first met her.


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