a little confused......


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Feb 23, 2001
OK, I'm seeing some eps out of order here....don't know why but anyway.....

In Forever in a Day the whole story takes place in Daniel's mind while he's being zapped with the ribbon device. He never really quits the SGC then comes back. Everything we saw is in a ribbon-device-induced hallucination, right?

So in Crystal Skull why is Robert Rothman there at the SGC when he was only a part of Daniel's hallucination in FIAD?
'Cause Robert was already part of the SGC, probably either with another team or working in the labs, and in Daniel's 'dream' he got added to SG-1, that's all. There's probably other scientists we've never seen, too.

That's my theory, anyway.
it's a theory that makes sense. when danny dreams that he quits his subconscious comes up with his most likely replacement, rothy... and he also come up with exactly jack won't like about they guy...
It's a good theory....but a weird way to introduce a new character. If they'd had us meet him before FIAD it would have been a little less confusing....

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