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right i shall review The Watcher's Guide Vol 2

it is just as good as the 1st 1 if not doesn't even get boring near the end when they are showing how an ep is made (i haven't quite finished the book but i will very soon) it is packed full of info and every faan shud not be without these 2 books (vol 1 and vol 2 of the watchers guide)

rating: five by five

Hey Mark, i fink the grease fic idea is down the pan...i haven't heard nothing 4 ages about it...:(
Originally posted by mr.pointy
right my 1st review...

The monster book

now this is very good when it is talking about the monsters that have appeared in buffy but when it talks about other films it gets extremely boring. it references different films that have involved certain monsters that have been on buffy...

but it is good where it talks about buffy so i shall give it a 'bite me' rating ( three ***'s)

I just brought The Monster Book too! as of yet, i've only flicked through it but it seems really interesting and informative.

I did like the sections on the 'mythology' of monsters, i think it's interesting to see where these wonderful writers get their inspiration from and how they twist the monsters too make them original.

This is why i also like the interviews we get from the writing staff and Joss Whedon himself.

Also i think it has some good pictures and (of course) some great quotes!

I'm gonna give it :star: :star: :star: :star: Stake Me!
okay what is this about a Grease fan fic?? and more importantly what is this about abdonning it? Now! After i only just hear about it?? that would just be mean!! come on guys finish it. please, please, please???
ASmiley made it up. It was gonna be a fic made by me, ASmiley and Markpud but by the looks of things it's gone down the pan along with Buffy's three musketeers!!!:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
well Asmiley's back now, you can ask her to revive it. After all murder is a prisonable offense! :D

it is but killing is worth it thanbeing a goodid goodie:evil: . iwould like to kill someone
Ok then, thanks for that brilliant contribution reptile????? :eek4: :erm: :eek7: :errrr: :disturbed :eek7: :eek4: :erm: :disgust: :disgust:
okay - no one's posted here for a while -- probably partly b/c markpud and mr. pointy have been absent - mr. pointy is busy w/ something - i've forgotten and mark's got uni --

but - thought i'd just tack on my opinion since BTVS season 1 was just released on DVD in the US in Jan -- and i'd give it a five by five ---

it's well done --- like mark said - all the eps, the really great way the box is put together -- much better than the HL one (check HL section HL Season 1 on DVD for more info on how poorly it's done) --

and there are interviews w/ some of the production/actor types - and it has the scripts from the pilot ep -- (which i haven't read - haven't had time) --- it's very nice ----

plus - there was a little flyer that said S2 is due out in June 2002
That's the only boxset that's going to be in a different casing...all the other are now booklet type things.
buffy stuff

hey children of the "
I'm a brandy new member of scifi, and i'm trying to figure this thread thing out .
i already talked to vampyre , and could'nt help but check out mr.pointy very cool!
o.k. i have everything buffy (don't do angel)
every comic book (i never read them just left them in plastic)
buffy lunch box (very cool)
the year book, watchers guide, buffy paper dolls,& a buffy student i.d (also very cool)
i have all the buffy cars (johnny lightings )
2 buffy pocket books (that won't intrest you unless your women)
and a few figure sets i.e. like the oz,zander& giles set
o.k. i still have no idea how the thread thing works but if you wantr to buffy chat you can e mail me .
p.s. i think Dawn just has to go away ,back to the monks or anywhere but on the show (i hate that story line)

happy,happy, joy,joy
Re: buffy stuff

[slayerette: I'm a brandy new member of scifi, and i'm trying to figure this thread thing out . i already talked to vampyre , and could'nt help but check out mr.pointy very cool!]

Welcome, slayerette! My name is OB-Wan and I am the moderator of the Buffy Season Six discussions. I also help out with moderating the other Buffy forums. If there is anything I can do to help you out during your visits, please do not hesitate to ask. You can email me here

You also might consider going to our Buffy Newbie forum and posting an announcement of your new membership.

Sounds like you have a pretty large collections of Buffy-stuff.

I was wondering, have you seen the Buffy card game? I was so curious that I bought a small pack of them at the check-out counter of a discount department store. It's similar to the "Magic" and "Pokeman" games where you collect cards of different characters, locations and powers and play them against others.

Some of the cards even have funny little quotes from the show along the bottom. I have no idea how many cards there are or if the game is any good. Are you familiar with it?
i found me !!!!

hey everyone it toke me so long to get back to this thread .
are my statements just a little to long? sorry ;)
o.k. short but nasty . anyone who say last nights buffy has to agree that...

dawn is wreaking the story line . buffy is poisoned & hallucinateing & all dawn can say is "what about me " my favorite part was when buffy tyed dawn up and put her in the cellar GO BUFFY! o.k.
thanks to everyone that has been helping me .

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