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Pray 2 da god Joss Whedon
Feb 28, 2001
right on this thread i will review sum Buffy products every so often. U can post your ideas of products as well and u can say wot u fink of my reviews.

the review will go from 1-5
3=Bite Me
4=Stake Me
5=Five By Five

my first review will be cumming soon
thats all good an all rating it but u have 2 explain the good parts and...bad *flinch* yes there can be bad parts and then rate it from the good and bad points
well it supposed to be reviews by Mr Pointy.. but here goes...

Good points: All the eps are there, theres interviews with David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon, and a directors commentary for the pilot episode (2 parts). And its in a nice box with pretty piccies of Buffy on it :D

I cant think of anything else without getting out of my chair and looking at the box set ;)

5 stars...
right my 1st review...

The monster book

now this is very good when it is talking about the monsters that have appeared in buffy but when it talks about other films it gets extremely boring. it references different films that have involved certain monsters that have been on buffy...

but it is good where it talks about buffy so i shall give it a 'bite me' rating ( three ***'s)
like ghosts and vampires and demons...god i don't think i wanna name all the films those 'monsters' have been in...:eek:

guess wot!!!!

cos it was my birthday on the 18th may i now have a mobile fone case, the book of fours (a book), the postcard book, A Buffy Signed Photo!!!! , a spike chocolate bar, 2 buffy figurines, both are buffy and a sunnydale high school t-shirt

i fink that is all that i got that is buffy related...:D

if u would like a better look at wot i got look at the happy birthday thread;)

prob don't cos it'd most likely be a bore:cool:
lol...i did quite well 4 myself didn't i???

i just forgot the cuddly toy :D lol

how cum we're the only peeps 2 post here????
and filk alike :D Not that theres much filking going on in our Grease story, without Asmiley around to motivate us ;)
Nah, i'll just do my puppy dog eyes and she'll forgive me...i hope:(

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