Slaughterhouse-5 (1972)

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Jan 11, 2001
The following is from the TV Guide Online Movie Database:

George Roy Hill's bold adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's popular novel focuses on the weird exploits of Billy Pilgrim, a middle-aged optometrist who bounces back and forth from one stage of his life to another. Intercut are his devastating WW II experiences as a POW in Dresden. where he lives through the Allies' disastrous bombing of the city; his post-war nervous breakdown; his marriage to the obese Valencia; the raising of a daughter who grows up just like her mother and a son who goes from hippie to Green Beret; and Pilgrim's future stay on the planet Tralfamadore, where he and the beautiful adult-film star Montana are closely observed by the Tralfamadorians. Able to survive calamity after calamity by blind luck, Pilgrim is finally killed by a former comrade in arms, Lazzaro, who blames him for the death of a friend; then it's back to Tralfamadore. Vonnegut's wildly shifting narrative and provocative theme---that life consists of a continuum of random moments---are given an adept cinematic treatment by Hill, who effectively translates both the serious and the satirical elements of the novel to the screen.


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Pretty good film, I was hoping for a remake by now. I believe this movie inspired the tv show Quantum Leap