Berman reveals Trek X details


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Sep 30, 2000
I cant wait to see it ...Ill reserve my judgement until I do ..:)

Plus the valiant hunt for Trek X info
Author: AntonyF
Date: 12/1/00

I had the pleasure of dredging up Trek X information for reporter Hal Eisner at UPN affiliate station KCOP 13, who wanted to do a feature on the film. However, as most of us know, the details are extremely rare. It`s been delayed to 2002, John Logan is the writer and err... that`s it. Most of the other stuff I had was just quotes. Brent saying he had one more film left in him, Stewart saying he expected it to be the last TNG film, Sirtis saying she expected this to be it, Dorn saying he doesn`t see much more Worf in his career, Burton saying... okay you get the picture. Many of the actors are seeing this as the end, even if Berman refuses to comment on that. However pure confirmed facts are few and far between, so Hal got an interview with Rick Berman. Now, how can I compare to the head of the franchise himself? ;) Berman did let us in on one particularly interesting tidbit.

The film will feature the Romulans! Yes, it`s true... and about time to. The Romulans have never really featured in the movies, remarkably, so this will be a welcome change. A race we know, but that have not been overdone. I was hoping that they`d remain as allies of the Federation after the Dominion War, but true to form, it looks as if they won`t be. Berman said on the matter, "I can tell you nothing about the surprises. I can tell you — I wasn`t planning to do this, but I will — that we will be meeting the Romulans in this movie. I will say no more."

Berman also talked highly of writer John Logan, and the enemy he was creating. "John, I think, knows far more about Star Trek than I do. He has every episode on tape. We`ve got, in my mind, the greatest Star Trek villain since Khan. John was intent on creating a wonderful villain, and we`ve got a doozy. [The movie is] going to be shocking, it`s going to be exciting, and it`s going to be funny," he said.

However regarding Data dying, he said he didn`t want to give credence to internet rumors by discussing them. "They`re not even worth addressing, because so much more of it is untrue than true." Funny, that particular one I`ve seen on lots of sites, including quotes from Spiner himself to back them up. Hmmm. But about Data he said, "There are some very interesting surprises regarding Data in this film... but you`re gonna have to wait to see the movie."

One thing my Trek X research made me do is re-evaluate all the quotes that are about, and that`s armed me to start my Trek X section which will be coming soon. I`m actually quite looking forward to the film roll on 2002


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Jul 21, 2000
2002? Oh well I guess I can wait that long.

Isn't it funny how there are always rumors about one of the main characters dying?