1.11: Bloodlines


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Sep 7, 2000

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I really like Bra'tac and was glad that they introduced him as a peripheral character. It also gave us some knowledge into Teal'c's background and where his doubts about the System Lords being gods began.
Was anyone else somewhat shocked at Daniel's reaction to the jar of Goa'uld larvae and his destruction of it? I wasn't surprised that he would do that, just shocked which I think is what the writer's intended.

It's interesting to me to see other aspects of the characters besides the ones that we see from episode to episode - the family and friends things that make up a complete character.


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What a cool episode it was in the 2nd video i bought.
I love the part when Bra'tac goes "NO the bridge is too heavily guarded"....

Yeah i think when Daniel shot at the Goa'uld he was thinking of Sha're
I have one question about goa'uld larva.
It this ep. Daniel shoots the tank filled with goa'uld larvae and they die. But in the ep. Hathor larvae looked different and after shooting they started to burn. Any ideas why?
kel sha,

perhaps it has anyone to do with the fact that Hathor was inside the tub in the episode "Hathor" -- perhaps they disturbed her in energy transmission with the larvaes and this freed energy turned into fire ..

kree sha
I love Drey'auc, she's kewl. Her and Teal'c seem well matched!
I really liked the Daniel and Sam interactions in this episode, particularly:

- when Sam's fishing the larval Goa'uld out of the tank
- when Sam's trying to convince Daniel not to blow up the tank o' baby Goa'ulds
- Daniel's reactions to the firefight
Good ep. but mainly cos of Bra'tac's introduction. I like his dissing of Daniel "A warrior of great skill and cunning? I could brak you like kindling!"

Also, how cool was his rapidfire-staffweapon/flamethrower thing? wow!
Have to agree - the RSI-inducing rapid fire by Brat'ac at the gate shows what an awesome device the staff-weapon can be. So why don't they use such a technique more often.

Imagine the "laying down fire" effect by three or four members of an SG team using that...:evil:
Teal'c does rapidfire his staff weapon once (although not with the flame effect). Can't remember which ep. it's in. Might not be season 1...........
I was really interested in the way Sam tried to convince Daniel that it was wrong to shoot the tank the Goa'uld were in. It's the only time that you really see any character try to make a humanistic connection in relation to the Goa'uld and I think it was interesting that the greatest humanist of the group (Daniel) just kind of said...screw it and shot the tank all to..heck. Daniel seems to have these moments when it's like he's someone else and he just slips out of that sweet little boy attitude to just be vicious and totally out of character.

This episode also brought up something that really bothers me about the series...they rarely delve into the results of someone's actions. I mean...I understand that it's an action show, but sometimes, especially with episodes like this, it would be nice to see the characters dealing with their actions.
Maybe Daniel doesn't regret his actions or maybe Sam didn't mention it in her log.
I just find it interesting that these earthshaking, lifechanging things happen on a consistent basis and then just sort of...disappear. Of course, when this many earth-shaking things happen on a regular basis I guess you'd see these things would get old.
I think she'd have to report it in her mission report - look how many subsequent episodes they "need" a new larval symbiote. If they "knew" that there was a big tank on Chulak, however heavily guarded, they'd have had a chance to acquire one.
Originally posted by GryphonMage
I just find it interesting that these earthshaking, lifechanging things happen on a consistent basis and then just sort of...disappear.
What do you mean? It's totally understandeable that Daniel would hate the Goa'uld, and would need to vent his anger somehow. It's not THAT lifechanging is it?
Umm, yeah. He ended dozens of lives. Sentient lives, creatures with emotions, names, memories. Even if they are evil.

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