Yet to be released, Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines 2


Jun 30, 2023
I was introduced to role playing games only a couple of months before I found out about the table top World of Darkness games. I was a huge fan of the Dark Age Vampire books. I spent a ton of money on that sort of thing.

A long long time ago it was announced that the World of Darkness material would be adapted into a video game that became a cult classic: the original Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines. My computer didn't have the necessary requirements to play it at the time, and I eventually just watched a play-through. It looked wildly entertaining. So when the World of Darkness announced they would be releasing a sequel, I pre-ordered.

That was years ago. Yesterday, I sold off my ps4 and the game is yet to be released.

Toby Frost

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Jan 22, 2008
This seems to be a hazard with games. Fable Legends, which looked like a lot of fun, was cancelled in 2016 at such a late stage that the full score had been recorded and the "making of" book had already been released. It had a budget of $75 million, much of which must have been written off.

I am currently playing the first Vampire: the Masquerade game and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. I played it many years ago, but the huge number of bugs made it unfinishable back then.

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