3.20: Maternal Instinct


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Sep 7, 2000

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Did anyone else find this episode really weird? I was watching it on my computer really late at night and can't remember much of it but new it was really weird....
No weirder than any of the others. I would reserve weird for Forever In A Day. <G>

What did you think was weird about it? Except for Jack having to remind Daniel to get his shoes. <G>

Yeah the shoes thing was funny....
Before i had watched that ep i had watched like 6 others leading up to it and was feeling quite dizzy (being in front of comp for 5 hours) I think that is why it was weird...
I would of thought that Daniel might have decided to leave the SGC (Of course he wouldn't) but as in Forever in a Day he stayed on the team only to find the kid, and he did find the kid.

God yeah forever in a day was weird what happened exaclty at the end?
I'll try to remember to answer what happened in the end in the FIAD thread.

I think it was a very good episode, intruducing the Furlings and yeah, Daniel did rejoin SG-1 to find the boy, but mind you, the boy is still out there now!!!
The Ferlings? They are part of the five races yes? Where are they in this episode? Don't tell me that that white light thing is a ferling?
Good point!!!!

When did they say that. I was always speculating that it was an Ancient. You would have thought that the only race more developed that the Asgard would have been energy based.
Future episodes have made clear that Oma was an Ancient.

My favorite part if the episode was Bratec. On how he wouldn't remove his Synbiant because "they were false gods to slay."


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