Pretense, Maternal Instinct and Watergate


Aussies RULE the world
Aug 27, 2000
Just getting in early guys! Only five more days to go!!!!
post ya thoughts (before and after) on them!
watergate (contains spoilers)

hmm watergate.

I liked it but I have seen better.
I liked Marina Sirtis as Dr. Svetlana Markov, it was good to see her again and not in her usual role.
I would have like to have learnt a little more about the life form in the water though.
As for Maybourne, well he has more lives that my cat!!

Favorite line -
"If I ask what and you say it's classified, I'm gonna shoot you," Jack says to Markov.

Sighhhhhh SG-1 will return to Canberra TV in a fortnights time.. gee double ep of JAG next week.. oh Joy!!! (NOT)

they were all great eps. no bloody stargate at all next week, tas has hypotheticals at 8:30 and everybody else has a 2 hour jag. what is channel 7 and their affiliates problem with stargate, they always treat it like sh*t?
no SG-1

Welcome to the world of Australian Television. Where fans are considered unimportant and programmers are all ignorant.
Check out past history..

ALL StarTrek:
Eps are either out of sequence or SO late at night that it is ridiculous.
Hercules and Xena:
Sequence never existed with the censorship was SO intense to boot that it was ridiculous.
Quantum leap:
Erratic showings at best
On again off again with sequence playing no part in its scheduling.
Episodes missing left right and centre, scheduling out of wack,and pulled at random.
Is it even still on?

Australian broadcasters as a whole are into cheap saleable 'lifestyle' programmes, not real entertainment, unless it is ratings season and then it's only the big block busters that really get any attention.
And I can't seeing it change anytime soon. Sad but a fact of life.
We just have do the best with what we get and complain loud and long to those who may just listen.You have that right, so take advantage of it. Ring them, write to them, express your opinion and don't give up. Just remember, You the viewer, keep them in business.
miss- you said that SG-1 will return in a fortnight's time, do you know about the other parts of Aus?

We better get Stargate after this double epy of JAG or i will go MAD!
yeah, double JAG, but i need something that goes 2 weeks inhead, not just one!
sometimes my local TV station's website has it ( but it hasn't this week.

I'm pretty sure it will be onafter this week, i think since it's the series finale they have the double eppy.

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