spider robinson

  1. jastius

    Spider Robinson Speech at TorCon

    spider robinson was the key speaker at the Tor Con .. There is a copy of his speech at Critter Writer Workshop http://critters.org/ here he is giving a speech on science fiction writing www.starshipsofa.com/2013/01/.../spider-robinson-sings-the-beatles/ sorry, can't make the direct torcon...
  2. J

    Finding a Spider Robinson story

    Salutations, gentlefolk ! Might I make a request for some information ? A few years back, I read a short story. I _think_ it was by Spider Robinson, but I Could Be Wrong. Protagonist was man who'd inherited fortune, wanted to help the poor, started an _absolutely honest_ auto repair shop...
  3. G

    missing pages in Stardance

    Hi, I have a VERY worn copy of Stardance. My Edition finishes on page 278. I am missing page 275 and Page 276. Could someone PLEASE scan and email to me? Thank you!
  4. Omphalos

    Melancholy Elephants, by Spider Robinson

    As a lawyer who spends a lot of time on line with fellow book lovers I am frequently asked for my opinion on copyright matters. Sadly I am not an expert in the field. I know one or two of those guys who practice Intellectual Property (”IP”) law, and I have to say honestly that it takes a certain...
  5. Q

    Variable Star

    -Heinlein's outline developed by Spider Robinson. Supposedly in the style of Heinlein (I can't say, not too familiar with him). Only about a third into it, now, it seems a bit long winded. But this probably isn't fair to say just yet. I'm at the point where the Sheffield is taking off, on...
  6. Addy


    Found this one very cheap at a local second-hand store. Haven't read it yet, though. Has anyone else read it? What do you think of it? I apparently is his debut novel, and not at all similar to his later Callahan series.
  7. dwndrgn

    Spider Live Chat Today!

    Spider Robinson will be online for a live chat about his works and the upcoming National Book Festival. His chat will begin at noon EST and you can go here http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/discussion/2006/09/15/DI2006091500884.html if you are interested in participating. There is...
  8. dwndrgn

    Spider Branches out!

    This is the text of an email sent by Spider's website: Dear SpiderWeb list members, We're happy to announce that Spider's newest, non-Callahan's novel, VERY BAD DEATHS, is now available at bookstores, just in time for the holiday season. The new novel is a departure for Spider. It's an...
  9. dwndrgn

    Bibliography - Spider Robinson

    Here is a list of Robinson's works including short stories and his journalism work: (Translations: F--French G--German P--Portuguese J--Japanese I--Italian S--Spanish D--Dutch Pl--Polish Cz--Czechoslovakian R--Russian) Books: CALLAHAN'S CON (novel) Tor hc/pb (Jy03/04) GOD IS AN IRON AND...
  10. Brian G Turner

    Anyone here read any Spider Robinson?

    Aside from dwndrgn, that is? :)
  11. dwndrgn

    A challenge for the members here...

    I challenge any one of you to read one of Spider Robinson's books and not smile. Anyone up for it? :D Sure, they're a little 'touchy-feely', but that is also one of the best parts...who will step up to the plate?
  12. dwndrgn

    Lady Slings the Booze

    My latest haul from Amazon includes this title by Robinson. I've read it before (I'm attempting to get the whole series in my collection) but it is a very good book. It's a good bet this will be the first I'll read in this bunch. Robinson always makes me feel good and I could use it right now.
  13. Brian G Turner

    Spider Robinson: who is he, and what has he written?

    I know nothing about Spider Robinson, but it was highly recommended that I open a board dedicated to him by one of the staff. so...now I'm wondering what he writes about - what themes - and which are the most pivotal and famous novels?
  14. M

    Robinson, Spider: Gotta get the ball rolling round here sometime.

    Thank god for Spider Robinson. Where else can I read about characters from my own home town, Halifax, that are involved in black takeovers of New York City or time-traveling telepaths from beyond the grave, loveingly written in flourishing hippie-script ("to corn a phrase") and so painfully...