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ramsey campbell

  1. Toby Frost

    Review: The Doll Who Ate His Mother by Ramsey Campbell

    Following the death of her brother in a bizarre car accident, Claire Frayne is contacted by a muck-raking writer, who claims that he once went to school with the man who caused the collision. With the help of others whose lives have been damaged by the mysterious killer, Claire determines to...
  2. millymollymo

    Peter Crowther & Ramsey Campbell: HumberSFF 4

    Ramsey Campbell (Horror Grand Master!) will be reading from his book The Searching Dead. Peter Crowther (PS Publishing!) will be reading extracts from Songs Of Leaving, join us at Hull Central Library on May27th at 1pm...and don't forget the after party! - Well, beery do thingy. HumberSFF#4...
  3. Fried Egg

    Ramsey Campbell - Thoughts?

    I stumbled upon mention of this author of horror who is supposed to be very good, but more along the lines of Lovecraft than of King. Can anyone tell me more? Where would be a good place to start with this author?
  4. Troo

    Ramsey Campbell Q&A.

    Internationally renowned horror author Ramsey Campbell will be in the Pantechnicon forums for the next few weeks to answer any questions that you may have. Stop by and ask some: Pantechnicon - Index
  5. Troo

    Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Volk, and more. Pantechnicon Issue Six!

    Pantechnicon Issue Six is now available. Contents: STORIES The Interpreter Centuries after a toxic atmosphere has confined Humanity to Earth, something wants to leave the planet. To do that, it’ll need the help of an Interpreter - one of the professionals who use the Rosetta drug to...
  6. ravenus

    Ramsey Campbell

    Recently I read his book Ancient Images and thought I'd speak about t here. Please discuss about this and his other works here. I picked up the book because of its very interesting premise, an editor and film buff hunting down a lost Karloff-Lugosi B-horror called "Tower of Fear", which had a...
  7. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Ramsey Campbell: The writer who ate his horror?

    Ramsey Campbell has assembled some of the best horror anthologies I've read, so I feel it behoves me to make some attempt to appreciate his own work as well. To this end, I've read two of his novels - To Wake The Dead and The Doll Who Ate His Mother - but with mixed results. I'll concentrate on...