kurt vonnegut

  1. B

    The Kurt Vonnegut Thread

    Ive Read Cats Cradle , Slaughterhouse 5 .Breakfast of Champions . . The first two had elements of science fiction and all three definit fit into the category of satire.I found them to be enjoyable . A very limited selection and likely not representative of his entire body of works of...
  2. Perpetual Man

    Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut

    I cannot remember why I suddenly decided to read Slaughterhouse Five, I think I might have seen an article written about it, or perhaps the bombing of Dresden during World War II that mentioned it. Whatever it might have been it was enough to capture my interest and I picked it up. I had...
  3. tylenol4000

    Kurt Vonnegut

    I think Player Piano and The Sirens of Titan are two of Vonnegut's best novels. They're also his most "obviously" science-fiction novels. I thought Slaughter-house 5 was great, and honestly, Cat's Cradle didn't amaze me. I found it okay. I always wonder what it would've been like if Kurt...
  4. Nerds_feather

    Ranking Kurt Vonnegut's novels

    pretty excited about this: my co-conspirator over at the blog took it upon himself to rank 14 Kurt Vonnegut novels. this is probably one of the best posts we've had: http://www.nerds-feather.com/2012/06/we-rank-em-novels-of-kurt-vonnegut.html curious if the other Vonnegut fans here would...
  5. Connavar

    Kurt Vonnegut

    I was wondering about Slaughterhouse Five which i have in library paperback. I couldnt find any Vonnegut threads wasnt from 2005 and only few post. Is Slaughterhouse Five set in WWII prison camp like the synopsis says ? When i read alittle of it to sample its the main character trying to...
  6. Nikitta

    Further reading: P.K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut

    This place (the Chronicles) and the people here keep amazing me. All of those interesting and fun discussions and such good answers to questions. I have two more queries that I hope to hear your thoughts on. I figured that I might as well combine both queries in one post for convenience. 1) I...
  7. SDNess

    Kurt Vonnegut

    It is about time I read more Vonnegut. I've only read Slaughterhouse Five, and that was over a year ago. Is there any order I should read them in? Which ones are definitely his best?
  8. H

    Is Kurt Vonnegut a genius or just plain insane?

    Me personally...I'm going to compromise and say he's a mad genius