Apple Gives Series Order for Isaac Asimov's Foundation

It's now several months later anyone seen anything about Apple's greenlight for a Foundation 'series' or at least about a season?
Apple has the money to do this right, I worry though, an epic like this has have the same density of production and drama values that Game of Thrones has.
It will have to be action-o-fied , all that is sort of off-screen in Asimov's novels which are actually detective stories framed big!
I have been waiting for a Foundation series for years and have a horrible felling that it will go the way of the Red Mars series.

Executives usually want science fiction shows like this turned into Star Wars by another name.
It's doable for sure, but I guess it would be little strange for the audience when they will jump in time like it is done in the book. Maybe they will find a way to make the transition smoother. Also the part about Encyclopedia Galactica and how every chapter is narrated by it should be blended in. I'm waiting patiently for the series.
This worries me. I find it hard to believe that they will do Foundation justice. Immediately I was struck by a very strange looking Trantor. (In comparison to the book.)
I was stunned when I first saw Coruscant in the Star Wars universe - it looked exactly as I'd always imagined Trantor would look like...


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