alan dean foster

  1. AE35Unit

    Mid-Flinx by Alan Dean Foster (1995)

    Another fun romp with Pip and Flinx. This time our hero is forced to leave the planet he was on by a maniacal animal collector hoping to add Pip to his private zoo. Flinx tells the ship to fly to the nearest planet, and he ends up on Midworld, which is like one massive green jungle, full of...
  2. D

    Alan Dean Foster?

    Your favorite novels by him?
  3. Werthead

    Disney breaks contract with Alan Dean Foster, refuses to pay royalties on older STAR WARS books

    In a bizarre move, Disney has unilaterally suspended royalty payments to author Alan Dean Foster for his early Star Wars novels and Alien film novelisations. The SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), the closest thing US SFF authors have to a union, has taken up the case...
  4. AE35Unit

    Star Trek Log One by Alan Dean Foster (1974)

    I decided to read this book that belongs to my partner. We're both Trek fans and she's had a couple of these logs on her shelf for years. Theyre written by Alan Dean Foster and based on the animated series from the 70's.( Some of those episodes were penned by Larry Niven no less...) There are...
  5. AE35Unit

    The End of the Matter by Alan Dean Foster (1977)

    And so onto the next Pip and Flinx novel in which our young telepath and his pernicious pet seek out Flinx's father. It seems odd that this one was published in 1977, the same date as the previous book in the series. Oh well. Anyway Flinx hears of the discovery of a rogue black hole that...
  6. Bick

    Alan Dean Foster

    Anyone else (in addition to AE35Unit) who is an ADF fan? I just read Nor Crystal Tears , which I really enjoyed. It's a nice first contact book, told from the perspective of the alien thranx. Foster clearly had a lot of fun describing humans from the alien point if view. I've now started his...
  7. AE35Unit

    Orphan Star by Alan Dean Foster (1977)

    In this, chronologically the 3rd story featuring Pip and Flinx, our young red-headed vagabond, accompanied by his tenacious and deadly mini dragon, sets out on a journey to discover his roots. Pip, unsure of his parental origins, seeks to discover who and where his real parents are. His...
  8. AE35Unit

    The Tar Aiym Krang by Alan Dean Foster (1973)

    This is Alan Dean Foster's first novel and chronologically the second Pip and Flinx book. I found it ok, not as compelling as For Love of Mother Not which was written in the 80s (that book is an introduction to the character Flinx and his minidrag Pip.) This book, though having its good...
  9. T

    Alan Dean Foster

    Any readers of him here?. Several years ago my dad gave me one of his books, a tatty 20p library sale job and it was already quite old at the time. Recently I picked it up and read it, the book being Mid-Flinx part of a 14 odd long series based around the main character Flinx and his various...
  10. AE35Unit

    For Love of Mother-not by Alan Dean Foster (1983)

    Just finished For Love of Mother-not, the prelude to the Pip and Flinx/Commonwealth books by Alan Dean Foster which was written in the early 80s. Foster's first novel, The Tar-Aiym Krang, was written in 1972, and is very much a hard SF space opera type romp. He later expanded the universe it is...
  11. AE35Unit

    Alan Dean Foster's Spellsinger books

    We have 4 out of the 6 so haven't tried reading them yet. Anyone read them? Are they traditional high fantasy or something more interesting?
  12. dwndrgn

    Alan Dean Foster

    Well, I stumbled upon Alan Dean Foster's website and discovered two really cool things: he seems to be a neat guy who loves to travel and discover other cultures, and that there are two follow-up books to the Spellsinger series! He has a great website too:
  13. R

    Foster, Alan Dean- The Black Hole

    Rescued from the secondhand book shop, it is another, "The story is all ready. Now write it." I don't know why authors choose to try and write books from TV and film scripts, it must stiffle the imagination terribly and Alan Foster has written more than his share, over ten for Star Trek and...