The Light Years Beneath My Feet

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Jun 20, 2015
The Light Years Beneath My Feet
Alan Dean Foster
Del Rey, July 2005, $23.95, 245 pp.
ISBN 0345461282

The Viilenjii stole Chicago businessman Marcus Walker, a dog named George, and other alien species from various parts of the galaxy and are taking them to a place where they will be sold as pets. Luckily Marc and George (who was operated on so he could speak), the brilliant K’eremu a Sequi’aranaqua’na’senemue and Tuuqualia Braouk were able to gain asylum from the ultra civilized, technologically advanced Sessrimathe.

His host doesn’t know where any of the alien home worlds are so out of desperation Walker becomes a successful cook that attracts the attention of the visiting Niyo who offer him and his friends employment. Since it is one step closer to their home worlds, they accept the offer and become such a success that nobody wants to help them get home. Walker and company come up with an ingenious plan that will make the people of Niyo glad to get rid of them.

This is book two in “The Taken” trilogy and it is every bit as good as the precious LOST AND FOUND as well as the Pip and Flinx novels. Alan Dean Foster’s trademark dry wit, colorful characters and mesmerizing story line will insure readers eagerly await the last book in this series. Marcus and his companions become true friends despite the difference in their species’ philosophy and are there for one another in good times and bad.