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Jan 24, 2020
Wales UK
I have become rather fond of the video trend, particularly from Japan, of posting Hi definition walks to view full screen.
They have a dream like quality, being devoid of plot. Just experiential and immersive.
I started a couple of years back with the "Tokyo night life" ones. But increasingly I fall into the daytime ones.
If you have enjoyed any please post your favourites here.
A nice example. Here we take a stroll down to the sea on a sunny morning.
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I like that!
Two years ago I filmed a few of my longer walks, about 25km. On these walks I would tour around a town, as much as possible outside the built-up area, through more green areas. I did film this in time-lapse, otherwise I would need loads of batteries and cartridges to film a 6-7 hours walk.
I plan on continuing this trend and include a walk around Amsterdam, which would take more than 15 walks to complete circling the Greater Amsterdam area.
I haven't created a YouTube channel, so I can't show you. I was wondering whether it would attract any viewers at all.
Also, being a time-lapse, I would have to add music and perhaps commentary, to make it more interesting.
I have been watching these for a while, and a similar thing, suburban car trips. My kids roll their eyes. I will post a few up.

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