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Feb 21, 2024
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Just really a brief introduction to my work. I published my first novel the Dark Heart four years ago. It tales the story of Kazi, a shape-shifting Rakshara who has renounced human flesh (the normal diet of her species) and Jay a student from Nepal whose parents died when he was young. The consequence of their meeting has unexpected ramifications for both of them and the wider world.
I wanted to write a story that explored morality from different perspectives. To the Rakshara humans are like chicken is to us. Consumed with indifference or gusto according to taste. Kazi's stance is generally regarded as perculair or even unhealthy. Jay is afraid of the monsters that lurk in the shadows but comes to find he is closer too them than he would like. Can he work with those he perceives as monsters to save the life of someone he loves?
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My second novel (just out) is The Crow Dark Sea. It takes place 900 years after the first novel and charts the life of Mathew Pembrock through his journey of discovery. Unable to breed humanity is dying out and Mathew gets involved in a desperate plan to safe them. On the way he discovers how he has been lied to by those in authority and the terrible consequences of digging up the past. It is a story about mythmaking and about what is true and what isn't. As Mathew peels back the layers even his own history is called into question.
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I read the sample from The Crow Dark Sea and really liked it - the writing style, the descriptions, and the flavour of Celtic historical fiction even though it's set in the future? - so I've bought it. Hope you keep it good through the rest of the book. :)
Up date on second part of the Crow Dark Sea (Sekatha). With the third part well underway the second part is going through (hopefully) it last re-write. Here's the opening pre-1st chapter lead in.

Protocols for Anthropological research in West Europa (main guidelines)

  1. Researchers should seek to avoid any negative impact on the welfare of Humans and their society.
  2. Taking Humans from the WE Protected Zone is forbidden under articles 1 and 3 of the Second Diet of Oronukia (2200).
  3. Minimising disturbance to Humans is important for the scientific validity of the research. The giving of Akacha technology to Humans is forbidden by article 2 of the second Diet of Oronukia (2200)
  4. Remember SIS: Secrecy, Impartiality and Safety. Do not under any circumstance reveal your mission or your true nature to Humans. Be impartial in your studies and do not get involved in Human society. Up hold the safety of the Humans under study and that of yourselves. You heal fast but you are not immortal, remember that.
HuMaIn (Human Management Institute) 2671

“14th day of Baishak 2874
West Europa, East of Perimeter.

Dear Cha,
Our survey’s Flyer crossed Perimeter at 0800 hours, local time and we are now in the wilds of Human territory. Below dark forests stretch to the horizon in all directions and through the viewing screen, I see a raptor gliding the thermals. Buteo buteo europa, I think. Some are wondering if it is sentient, which makes me smile. There are no Bio-engineered Auxilia here, everything is natural and majestic and totally untamed. I can’t wait to encounter my first Humans. I am being posted to the Brethon Isles, as far west as the Protective Zone goes. I hear the people there are fierce and eat the flesh of animals. I know what you would say, they are savages and how can we expect such short lives to produce any intelligence, but I think you are wrong. That is why I joined the research unit of The Human Management Institute, so as to better understand these creatures, so like us and yet so different.

I must leave off now. Our team leader has informed everyone we are approaching Girondeaux. I am told the gardens there are beautiful.

Good luck with your mission to the Alnaar Jinn. When we meet again we’ll have such tales to tell each other.

You strike my soul.


The last message of Sekatha of the Silver Glade to her fiancée Kiang Cha before his execution at the hands of the Alnaar Jinn.
I have to admit the backstory you put in those excerpts before a chapter were of least interest to me and I found myself skipping them. Was much more interested in what was happening to the characters instead. :)

As for the second cover - I was drawn to the first book's cover precisely because it had an abstract quality that said "mystery". It also fit with some of the more abstract fantasy covers I've seen mainstream traditionally published works have, which was another plus. The one you're suggesting doesn't have that quality at all and is very "in your face". I'm not sure what it's trying to say at all. Also, it may not be wise to try and do close-up of character faces, especially as readers will form their own image, and it can jar having the two in conflict. Personally I'd like to see something in a similar style and subject to the first - some form of landscape, different colours, connected in design to the first, and suggestive of more mystery to suck the reader into, and so you can;t tell whether it's traditionally published or self-published. That's just my personal opinion, though.

Either way, looking forward to reading more of Ariadnii in the next book. :)
Cheers for the feed back Brian. This was the second idea for the cover (maybe without the crow image though)

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Personally I think it's better and more in keeping with the first. I presume you're going to add some form of texture to the white "tree" in the foreground? Either way, thumbs up. :)

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