Latest real tech - SF authors take note

Cosmic Geoff

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Jun 14, 2012
Some real world tech announced at the CES electronics show:
A.I. PCs containing a neural processing unit (NPU)
Transparent displays (can double as a window and TV screen)
A smart bathroom mirror that reads your mental state
A backpack mounted kit for blind people that uses AI to recognise the scene arounfd the wearer and describe it aurally
Withings BeamO measures your body temperature, blood oxygen, ECG, & digital stethoscope and sends a digital report. Reminds me of a gadget in Star Trek.
Swarovvski AX Visio: a binocular that identifies what bird etc you are looking at.
Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses - look almost like regular spectacles but access Chat GPT, do language translation etc and can have precription lenses. No dispays though, just audio.

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