Tie-breaker Poll -- November 2023 75 Word Writing Challenge -- CAT'S CRADLE WINS!

Tie-breaker Poll -- November 2023 75 Word Writing Challenge

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Ursa major

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Aug 7, 2007
We have a 2-way tie.

You have until 23:59 (GMT) on November the 30th to make your choice.

The two stories still in contention:

Is That You Rita? by mosaix

We’d avoided the obvious name for the ship but, when it came to the planet, those of a religious persuasion carried the day and we called it ‘Ararat’. Get it?​
Observations from orbit had indicated existing flora and fauna and, shortly after touch down, we were approached by a sample of the dominant species.​
It waved a ‘hand’ and, as it spoke, we turned on the universal translator.​
“You can’t park that there, sunshine.”​

God, They Were Thorough by Cat's Cradle

They hung the fluid-proof speaker with its Evergood batteries around the corpse's neck, then closed the plywood coffin's lid and lowered it into the ground.​
At graveside they set a marker:​
Jonjun Ambrickson
Died in queue 10-3-2067 waiting to petition for an increased weekly food allotment
Supplicant number 178,579​
As the law mandated no petitions could be closed till heard and formally adjudicated, every 15 minutes the speaker activated:​
Supplicant 178,579, please continue waiting…​

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