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Jul 29, 2005
A searchable list of fictional businesses and government agencies made up for TV and film. Click on any entry, and you'll be taken to a page with more information, like a description, logo, backstory, and pictures.

Fictional Brands Archive
No Combine Honet Ober Mercantile Exchange? Wassup?
Yes, I noticed that - seems odd to omit it, but include House Atreides.
It's a cute list, but it probably isn't very exhaustive. Depends how it is designed to be added to.
Noticeable by its absence - Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
An interesing list.

Faro Automated Systems (Horizon Zero Dawn)

There are a few Star Wars Brands, such as Incom and Kuat Drive Yards (KDY)
The UMC (United Mining Companies) in the GAP series by Stephen Donaldson is is multi-systems holding company which owns pretty well everything in human space.
The UMCP (United Mining Companies Police) is the police force for all of humanity in the universe.
Talk about giving power to multi-nationals. Amazon and Microsoft have got nothing on these guys.
Another major one missing - Jupiter Mining Corporation
Another major one missing - Jupiter Mining Corporation
I just came to say JMC. I feel shame for not spotting it sooner

Jupiter Equilateral​

The antagonist in Alan E. Nourse book
Gold in the Sky

Read that as a kid and thought it was a cool name. Had to search to find what book I read it from.

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