Fawlty Towers to Return?

Who will broadcast this, since I believe the original series has seen some censoring on DVD by the BBC?

Whether it's a good idea or not, I currently don't have an opinion. It is something I'd never expected to happen.
It's a hard one. For every inspired revitalization / nostalgia reboot, there is a total turkey where everyone phones it in and seems to be just be there for the payday.
It's following the current trend of old actors returning and staring with one of the kids (real or fictional). Like Lopez vs Lopez. Or even like the up-coming Frasier remake. (Old Frasier with his now 20ish son)
If written by Cleese it must be worth a shot.
You obviously haven't read what he Tweets then. I don't want to turn this thread political, though his Tweets generally are, but lets say that he has lost all sense of reality - hence my "Major" post that BAYLOR didn't quite get there. For instance, he Tweeted that the BBC refuse to show Fawlty Towers anymore, but it was pointed out that his own company hold the rights, and it sold them exclusively to another channel.

If they want to reboot anything, I want more of Eric Idle's Ripping Yarns anyway.
Does Cleese still live in the Carribean? His Twitter profile says London.
This is the correct answer, so this thread may be closed.
Yes, it was, of course, Michael Palin but Eric Idle was involved. John Cleese very sadly lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

And who else could play the characters of Polly, Manuel and Sybil anyway. The show was just perfect. Sometimes something is so good that it can never be repeated.

What they had in the 1970' s simply cannot be recaptured.
We're talking about a show that ran for 12 episodes. Squeezing out another "season" of 6 more might be okay enough. At three hours, it's a movie's worth of light entertainment time.
There has been more information about this on BBC Breakfast TV this morning. I'm not sure where this is coming from because it was also on Twitter yesterday evening.

Anyhow, it won't be the same Fawlty Towers hotel. Instead, Basil Fawlty is managing a different establishment, a boutique hotel, togther with his long-lost, but discovered, daughter, played by real-life daughter, Camilla Cleese.
Fawlty Towers: John Cleese to revive series with daughter

Castle Rock Entertainment announced on Tuesday it had closed a deal with Cleese to bring back the television series.
The new series will explore how the cynical and sarcastic Basil John Cleese navigates the modern world.

I'll reserve my judgment on this until I see it. It might not be totally :poop:

Personally, I'd also rather see more of The Rutles too, like Ripping Yarns, another unappreciated gem, but also wouldn't be the same without Niel Innes.

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