11.19: The Walking Dead - Variant


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Aug 21, 2007

Eugene goes on the run, and Mercer is tasked to find him; Aaron's group faces a complication on the road.
Man, seeing Abraham and younger Eugene put a tear into my eye. I know I've disliked a lot of things he has done over the years. Almost always proving that he's a coward, first and foremost. To be honest, he wasn't ever blessed with the strength of the red haired giant. People died because of him flip-flopping on the survival of one.

Yet, over the last years, he has been changing, first falling in love, and then committing to it like a normal man with an abnormally large brain. He has always been the brainiac of The Walking Dead, even though we've seen smarter people. The show addressed him as Dr Porter, even though he has never boasted with his titles. But I'm afraid that it's getting time to say goodbye to him.


Does it look as if the people are in panic in this shot? The producers had added screaming of panic by thousands of people in the background. It bothered me, because these people weren't running, and most of them had no mouths open to let out that ungodly howl. On the street level, much of the same thing, even though the panic was better acted, even if it wasn't one.

Why is that the Commonwealth army didn't act on the threat? They were all in the crowd control mode, not making sure that the citizens would survive. I guess it showed absolutely who they are loyal to, and it's not the people, but their leader, Pamela.

Standing over her dead son, she claimed, "I wasn't blind to what he was. In spite of what people thought, I was trying to help. Maybe I was just too late," or too ignorant to really understand what they needed to keep the life rolling in the Kirkman's world. She didn't want to prevent the son from turning. In fact, she ordered Mercer to not act as if the Governor's ghost were whispering in her ear. They both are so similar, but I doubt that Pamela has a television set full of zombie heads in her secret chamber.

It was understandable that she wanted to make the people to pay for the death of the wonder boy. "I want to make an example," she hissed. "Someone to remind these people that actions have consequences. If you can find and arrest Eugene Porter, he could stand as an example for them all... and we can help your sister."

It was enough for the general to order a commonwealth wide call for Ricknation people, "...to be captured and brought in for questioning."

Mercer delivered the ultimatum to Rosita, maybe out of respect that the had been battle buddies, but he wasn't saving his powder as he stated, "Tell Eugene to turn himself in. He comes to me, shows remorse and wants to cooperate, it'll go a long way helping everyone involved. But if he or you and your people, make this harder than it has to be, no one goes anywhere, and things only get worse for all of you."


Hiding in God's house. Well, we saw how empty it was, when Gabriel were giving his last sermon. So maybe a better sanctuary as any other, not that the general is going to gear about any of those rules.

The first thing the Eugene asked was Max. He needed to find his "beloved," despite the risk and he most certainly weren't willing to leave without her. What an irony, big brother vs lover, Commonwealth vs Ricknation.

Princess tried to talk sense into her lover, telling Mercer that Eugene literally saved her. "Bad people don't do that. Good people do." But the general's mind wasn't changed. All he wanted was Dr Evil and to save his sister from Pamela's wrath. The ticket, a signed confession that she'd been on meds and gone nuts to frame Milton's family.

No wonder why Max said no. "I did this because I couldn't stand being a part of something so rotten. Did you know that Eugene stopped Sebastian from killing me?"

Mercer looked her in the eyes. "They are going to execute you for a treason. I'm trying to save you."

"And I'm trying to save this place." Max pulled out the Dad card and plastered Mercer's face with the shame of the past. Back at the church, Eugene threatened Daryl with fist fight if he was not allowed to go out and get himself caught.

I loved that our ruffian just stepped aside and said, "Go ahead."

There was no stopping of man in love, but Eugene didn't walk out. Instead he claimed that he's weak while Daryl only admired his intelligence. When Rosita came back empty-handed, Eugene dropped his balls and refused to be Dr Evil again. This time he was going to be Dr Eugene Porter, a man in love.

Seeing him walking in and confessing to the death dropped my jaw onto the floor.


"You killed my son. Your people murdered eight people, turning them to rotters and then releasing them on public." Wow, she followed the evidence. I am amazed.

Hornsby's voice were trembling when he said, "I needed to get your attention. But I never intended for him..." it didn't took long before the slippery joy crawled out, blaming Ricknation for everything.

He gambled away his life to be, "100 percent disposable for the Milton family," forever and again. All sins forgiven, because Pamela needed her snake. To feed her son's endless hunger.

Man, :LOL:


The long march home with all the supplies. We don't know how far they'd made from the city, before they were stopped with a horde. Yet, Aaron didn't want to camp or fight, but continue travelling towards the Oceanside, even though we know that when Pamela last time visited it was deserted. Yet, the strangest thing was one of the horde zombies showing an intelligent response.

I don't know if the smartness move is warranted, but since it has already been established in the other series, I welcome the change even though it's late for the mother series. It was amazing that they were able to find an abandoned brewery, with factory built palisade walls surrounding it. All in a mint condition.

Yet, they were camping at front yard. Jerry wanted to christen it as the Kingdom 2.0, while Aaron only wanted to get to Oceanside. Maybe he had premonition about what the night were going to offer as the smart climbed in to let his buddies get in for a dinner time.

It's just it wasn't the biggest surprise, because Jerry actually showed that he could utilize that sword of his to a great effect, as it should be. A hundred and twenty centimetres of cold steel is going to make any Dead to regret on coming to the brewery. Yet, despite the show at the front, he weren't willing to do more, because of his wounded knee.

Then they threw in the twist with the smart one, climbing on the roof and picking up a rock to bash Jerry's brains in so that he could eat. Aaron was convinced that they were dealing with the whisperer and not the smart ones.
I thought Jerry was a goner in that episode. Don't think I could have taken that.

Have to say I am enjoying Judith's intros. It is a nice touch.
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