Scene where a Vampire enters a home without permission

Mr Cairo

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Feb 22, 2022
South Wales, UK
Trying to recall a show (may have been a movie) and in one scene the main vampire is trying to enter a house without the invitation, they are forcing themselves across the threshold and, from memory, seem to be burning and losing flesh but they continue forward and eventually enter the house.

Cant recall if they are doing it to help or hurt someone and don't have a lot more as its still just at that nagging memory stage.

any ideas?

BTW I never watched the Originals but did enjoy Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Buffy and Angel.
Sounds a little familiar - if so, probably Buffy within the first 4 seasons. Possibly Spike trying to get help from Buffy over something on an early team up.
Pretty sure it isn't Buffy. Only Angel (in his own show) managed to cross a threshold without an invite.

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