Two memories about one (?) book


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Oct 17, 2020
I think these are from the same novel (1980s?)
1) There is an illiterate moon settlement...large base or (more likely) small colony. It is a dystopian dictatorship (one immigrant takes a newcomer under a waterfall after praising the leader to the skies, to whisper "This place is hell...and he is the devil!"). The Leader is an artist, and the newcomer tells the Leader how to make clay, since you can reuse it ("You know better than I, Sir, that a careless move can ruin hours of work. That cannot happen with clay."). The immigrant and newcomer must be scrupulous not to mention reading, writing, etc.
2) A character travels to the future and sees another character across the street, being led by a woman. When he returns to the present, everyone assumes the future character is guaranteed safety till that future date. Well, he does live to that date...but is in an accident that leaves him massively brain damaged. The woman was his nurse leading him around, and he is profoundly mentally impaired.

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