Slot Machine from "The Fever" and other props


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Dec 17, 2021
So I have a personal collection of replica props from the Twilight Zone, and the most recent prop I have been working on is the slot machine from the episode, "The Fever." It appears the vast majority of props which actually appeared in the series have been lost to time. In my search for the model of slot machine from the series, I determined that it is a Watling Rol-a-top machine from the 1930's, and purchased one on Ebay. I have pasted the link to a brief video I took of the machine I purchased. I took the machine to a vintage slot machine shop where I live in Las Vegas (appropriate for the episode and slot machines) , and the owner told me he was well familiar with the Twilight Zone episode. Several similar models of the Rol-a-top were used in the episode. The thing that he told me that I was really interested in, was that one of the screen-used slot machines had been located at the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. I wonder if anyone else was aware of this or the location of other screen used props. Check out my channel if you have an interest of multiple TZ prop replicas I have made.
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