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Jul 26, 2021
Has anyone came across any software that will convert a pre-recorded message into a word document or similar format?

I'm pretty sure a lot of us use the voice recorder memo apps on their phones to record story ideas, and I for one have found them very useful for developing ideas when out walking or hanging around the house. I've lost myself in recording sometimes developing plot and character ideas and then looking at the recording and finding it was a couple of hours long.

I've balked at trying to type all that up, and even though I have tried I've found it very tedious (I hate the sound of my own voice).

I have tried to do things like transfer the files to my PC and play them over the speakers into the PC's mike so that google docs can transcribe them but I find that google docs cuts off the mic after a few minutes, which would mean having to hover over the PC like a hawk which would prevent me doing anything else. But I've not been able to find any software that would just take the existing recording and convert it into text.

Has anyone found any software like that out there?
Looks like you are looking for speech-to-text software

A quick search throws up these possibilities

As to which is the best, well if they're free then I suppose try them all until you find the one for you

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