cover art: humanoid (neanderthal?) strangling a human wearing a spacesuit (cracked helmet?) from behind


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Sep 27, 2021
plot is something like going back (in time?) to a prehistoric world. killing the humanoids (neaderthals?).
going 'forward' to find the humanoids have travelled too and are hellbent on destroying civilization.
They 'look' human but only with hard work to disguise themselves. they are tall and dark haired.
they have the ability to mentally control some animals and one uses it to control rats in a sewer to escape.
bonker I know, but I don't think I made it up?! that is about all I can remember
It is at least 30 years old I imagine. It was a cheap, Pan/Panther style paperback, so the art is very 'Astounding'-style.
So the story may well be very old.

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