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Sep 15, 2007
UK, Yorkshire
Ah, proofreading. Ironically, this was my least favourite part of creative writing, but years of checking my own work (and occasionally proofreading for one author) has made it rather more relaxing for me.

If, however, it's something that you either don't have the time for or would simply rather have someone else handle, then feel free to drop me a DM and we can discuss matters and see how they turn out. Another perk is that it's a lot easier to spot mistakes made by other people, because checking your own work can lead to your brain filling in the blanks even if that's not what's on the page.

On a personal note, I'm British, and write in American English pretty much everyday (on a professional basis) so I'm handy with both, and also occasionally write in Canadian and Australian/Kiwi variants.

I've been slightly less active on here than I was when writing creatively, but some of you may remember my beta-reading, and will hopefully recall that I was pretty good at being prompt.

So, what would hiring me as a proofreader get you?

I would check the document for a number of things, including:
spelling errors
grammatical mistakes
formatting woe (if you agree for me to read it on my Kindle, which sometimes shows up formatting problems that may not be apparent in the word processor document)
and provide occasional light editing at my discretion (I'm not an editor, but if something's unclear and there's an easy fix I'll suggest it and the author can choose to make/accept the change or not)

At the end of the process the author will receive two copies back, one with the changes made and not showing, and one with the changes showing (also with boxed comments when necessary).

The fee is hard to state because I would want to see the first few chapters to get an approximate idea of the error rate. If someone has practically flawless writing already it will be much easier and faster. If the text is full of typos then that increases the time and work. I would add that, aside from my regular author, this is expanding my workload so I will be looking at lower prices for the first few who get in touch with me (not just as a little thank you but also because such writers can then act as references here that I actually do work on time).

Hiring a proofreader isn't for everyone, but it can save a lot of time from a dreary necessity (plenty of would-be readers check free samples and if yours is full of mistakes it's going to put off rather than entice potential purchases).
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