Remember when every movie seemed to be "Die Hard on X" ?


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Jul 26, 2021
I don't think we ever got "Die Hard On Ice", that would have been... interesting.

What if you decided to do your own version of Die Hard, but the twist was to see everything from the bad guys point of view? Not from Hans Grubber point of view, as he was one of the main characters and his view was already very well covered.
But what if you did your own version seen from the point of view of a bad guy who didn't hear the words "Yippie Kai Ya" before being gunned down to death, but made it all the way through from start to finish and escaped to tell the tale?

Has anyone tried to make the bad guy, or a bad guy their main character? Can you make the antagonist, or one of their goons, the protagonist?

And on a different note, is it a bad idea to base your plot on an existing work? I mean, Forbidden Planet did a good job putting Shakespere in space, but Die Hard was an authorised adaption of an existing novel, but it did get copy catted a lot.

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