Issac Asimov pictures perhaps?


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May 22, 2021
Does anyone recognise these pictures? They look they are maybe from an asimov book cover? Found in charity shop today ☺


Would find out more. They have an F in a shield the bottom corner? Clue?
Best wishes, April
Could the artist have been Frank Frazetta?

EDIT: I think dask has the correct answer.

EDIT2: In fact, the first image is the cover of Science Fiction Art "with illustrations by Chris Foss".
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Been having a look at all his work. I was interested to see that he's not a reader or fan of science fiction and that he rarely if ever read the books he designed the covers for, just did them from his imagination.
Foss, with his distinctive and influential style, became very dominant in SF book covers in the late 1970s (at least in the UK) and then went rapidly out of fashion.
I wonder how I could find out when these were done? Looking at these prints and frames my guess is that they are at least 40 plus years old

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