Sci Fi Book Different races of human beings breed in order to create the ultimate human in order fight an alien species.


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Dec 29, 2020
The story takes place very far in the future. Space travel and alien conquering has split the human race into distinct breeds. There are humans who live on some moon in the solar system (possibly Jupiter) who are extremely intelligent, wild humans that live on earth, bull humans that were bred by the alien species for meat, less intelligent humans that were breed to look after the bulls, and space traveling humans that I think were pirates.

The story starts with a female protagonist who lives on the moon colony. The colony is run by an AI, which forms the foundation of the government of humankind. It selects some individuals (including the protagonist) out of all of human kind to breed and produce powerful offspring. These offspring then breed to produce an even more powerful being. The end goal is to create the ultimate human in order to eliminate the alien race that enslaved them. This takes a long time since each new being needs to age to maturity.
The program succeeds and they send the ultimate human (who is male) to destroy the aliens. He takes over one of the alien craft, and travels to a planet that has the alien species on it, but they are not the bloodthirsty ones that humankind were dealing with. He finds the home planet of the aliens and finds out that they have all been controlled by another parasitic species of aliens, which he destroys.

I don't remember any names of anything which I think is why I can't find it through google. The book was paper back, and I found it at an estate sale.