Land of the Christians Crowdfunding project!


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Aug 2, 2009
Finally, a role playing tabletop rpg game created by a Christian for Christians!

Land of the Christians (LOTC) role-playing game is a storytelling game set in a christian world. The game can take place in any period of history in our world, in any world, if set in fantasy or science fiction world, so long as the character involved is a christian. The character can also be a non christian if the game is set before the new testament period.

This is a game that relies mainly on your imagination to play, although in some cases, the use of a die is needed. It is a game of fighting demons and monsters, converting non-Christians to become Christians, healing an injured team mate in a journey and/or discovering treasure chests. In other words, there is no limit to what the game can be except the limit of your imagination.

Kindly support at the link below!


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