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Alan Aspie

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Jul 12, 2018
Finland and my autistic mind.
Youtube is the biggest university of the world. You can find anything done by high level pro's if you want to.

This thread is for useful videos about writing books, comics, screenwriting, scriptwriting, photographing, video work, audio, blogging, vlogging...

I would be good to tell in few words what some video is about and what makes it useful. This way:
I often say that having the internet is like having two brains.
I keep it on for research while writing.
Recently for example I intuited that there must be a position between the earth and moon where the gravities balance and you can position a relay station with minimum ongoing fuel requirement. Twenty minutes later I know all about Lagrange points.
But everything is there. Did Napoleon and Josephine have children? Well you know I won't need to catch the bus to the library for the answer to that one.
I've found that some of the most useful videos use film and TV. JustWrite is an excellent channel.

Obvious spoilers below. You don't have to be fans of any of these to get something out of them either - they're a critical look.

George R. R. Martin is the master of empathy.

Multiple levels of conflict from different characters:

Speaks for itself:

Bathos and sincerity:

A good tip from that one while watching films: Absorb a story while being emotionally self aware. How is this scene making me feel? Why is it making me feel this way? Your radar for insincerity becomes infallible. If your story is sincere enough, then nothing is cheesy.

The channel has loads of stuff on writing itself and books too.

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