Variety and Box Office Mojo makes you pay to access box office records...

Peter A

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Dec 23, 2019
Recently, I paid over £450 to look at film charts that started in 1969. I have to save them all manually for safe keeping. They used to do a top 50 weekly chart. This info isn't even on IMDb or Box Office Mojo at all.

Now? Now Box Office Mojo deleted much of the comprehensive data and you can only view like 20 of a week's most popular movies now unless you pay up to see anything more niche, I guess. Unlike before. You used to have the handy option of searching by a genre, and it would display moderately successful movies too. Which if you're a horror enthusiastic like me, is handy to know. But, hey: No longer can you do that.

I guess the world is greedy now.
They are pages with top 50 films in North America, printed in the weekly Variety, with their rank number, cities a motion picture is shown in, and what money they made that week. And so on.

I could have uploaded them to, but it would take an eternity because for every single thing you upload on there, you have to do all the mandatory filling out of the forms!
Thanks! Have you considered just dumping the entire database, perhaps in a torrent file, rather than relying on archive to host all the information? Another option is putting in Google Drive? How is the data formatted? From your previous post, it seems they might be all in PDFs.

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