Kraxon Magazine -- Favourite Story of 2019 -- Discussion Thread

Ursa major

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Aug 7, 2007
There's a new thread where you can vote for favourite story of the year 2019 in Kraxon Magazine. This thread is for any discussions you want to have about the stories.

The thread for polling is here.

Please vote -- you have three votes -- as the winning story will garner its author a cash prize of £100! (And note: you must cast all your votes at the same time.)
Looking forward to reading through all the stories from this year. There's been some great ones. Good luck all!
Nice bit of reading to while the time away over a coffee :)

Thought about submitting to Kraxon but still haven't plucked the courage to hit the 'send' button.
I voted for The Armada Tree by Kerry Buchanan, which means a different author has been responsible for my favourite each year. It was too hard to whittle down to three favourites!
I must say @Kerrybuchanan Armada Tree was my favourite of them all. It might be because I have a real fascination with the Armada since I was a kid, but I loved that story.

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