Technology based space explorer settles on magic world

Mar 7, 2017
sci-fi novel: 1990s found as a paperback in local library.
It reads like a sequel but I have never found another in the series.
Earth has sent explorers programmed with multiple personalities (to better cope with different situations) into space to assess planets for danger. Their ships are loaded with nuclear weapons to eliminate found dangers.
Male explorer had found a planet where magic was possible and practiced by the locals and has learned it himself (levitation, personal shields, etc). Another explorer (female) finds the planet and contacts him. She is ready to nuke the inhabitants for fear of their magic when the protagonist speaks Russian to her, causing an alternate, saner personality to the fore so he can speak reason to her.
I remember one of the technological weapons available from the ship is called a snark and causes the disintegration of whatever it is used on but had limited range. The Snark can go right through the magical shields that stop projectile weapons.

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